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Birth(Haplo) The TMRCA for tree branch of R-P312 (R1b1a2a1a1b) is estimated at 4500 ybp by the YFull v6.02 tree, Jun 2018, being an average of an estimated range of 5400-3800 ybp.: WebLink(YFull) R-P312 on YFull.: WebIntro(Haplogroup) It is suggested, or has been determined, that all those listed below belong to this haplogroup In my experience, YFull is way, way ahead of FTDNA. For those who belong somewhere under R-P312, there is also the FREE Big Tree web site (ytree dot net), which has made terrific strides in extending that part of the tree, and with many more participants. Are there other projects similar to Big Tree for other haplogroups This is a draft phylogenetic tree for the R-P312 Y-DNA haplogroup. The data for this tree come from NGS sources including the BigY test at FamilyTreeDNA, the various tests at FullGenomes as well as the 1000 Genomes project. These are discovery tests. They sequence the DNA to reveal novel SNPs and INDELs which mark new branches of the tree It used to be that yFull abstracted the extra STR markers from your data which ftDNA did not do. That was a potential source of extra information, but ftDNA cottoned on to it and eventually added it into the data they give you as part of the BigY results. There are still two things that lodging your results with yFull gives you that ftDNA does not Haplogroup R1b (R-M343) is the most frequently occurring Y-chromosome haplogroup in Western Europe and the most common haplogroup in the genetic genealogy databases. R1b1a2 (R-M269) is the dominant branch of R1b in Western Europe. When you take a standard Y-chromosome DNA test with a company such as Family Tree DNA you will be given a base haplogroup assignment such as R1b1a2 (R-M269)

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  1. ent early; RATHLIN ISLAND of Northern IRELAND; TORRES of Iberia; FUSTON nr
  2. Haplotype- Paternal (ftDNA): R-P312 -> Z39300+ -> R-BY15581. Haplotype- Paternal (Yfull): R-P312 -> R-PH2278. Big Tree Location: Here. Haplotype-Maternal: K1a3. Tests completed: Nat Geo Genographic 2.0, P312 SNP test suite, DF27 test, Y111, Big Y (also called Y-500 these days). (Some) YDNA Matches: Look in the FTDNA Myers Group Project, R1b.
  3. yfull age estimates suggest P312 expanded in 2000-2500 BC. It was very easy What I did was look at results of the DF27, U152, and L21 Projects at FTDNA. I then combined the subclade results with age estimates for from yfull
  4. Summary. Age: TBD Origin: Eurasia Y-Haplotree. Parent Branch: R-P312 Descendant branch(s): R-BY22760 R-L21 FTDNA Tree Link: Link YFull Info. I am working on linking information from the public YFull tree
  5. P312/S116 (TMRCA 4500 ybp) U106/S21/M405 (TMRCA 4700 ybp Yamnaya culture?) Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor. YFull Ytree shows an age estimate for U106 of 4700 years before present. Ages of clades under R-U106; Historical Context. Yamnaya culture (circa 3300-2600 BCE
  6. A Y-DNA haplogroup project collects and collates Y chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results from a specific haplogroup.There are also numerous projects for the various subclades within the major haplogroups. Membership of subclade projects is usually restricted to those who have tested positive for the relevant subclade-defining SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism)

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Summary. Age: TBD Origin: Eurasia Y-Haplotree. Parent Branch: R-P312 Descendant branch(s): R-DF27 R-U152 FTDNA Tree Link: Link YFull Info. I am working on linking information from the public YFull tree Other subclades of R-L151 are R-A8051, R-S1200, and R-P312 (a large clade). That is to say - of the people who have the P310 SNP, some of them have the U106 SNP, some have the P312 SNP, a very few have neither, and nobody has both

YFull doesn't have your terminal SNP in its tree, but it does have Z43773, which is its immediate ancestor. YFull estimates that Z43773 first arose about 2000 ybp (years before present) but its TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor) is a mere 300 ybp Summary. Age: About 4,500 years ago Origin: Eurasia Y-Haplotree. Parent Branch: R-P312 Descendant branch(s): R-DF88 R-Z302 R-Z39380 FTDNA Tree Link: Link YFull Info. Name: R-DF19 Age: 4500 ybp ± 1600 CI 95% Expansion: 4700 ybp ± 1400 CI 95% Parent: R-DF1 Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers Jul 3, 2017 - Y Haplogroup R1b. See more ideas about dna genealogy, human migration, phylogenetic tree

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  1. ority) and Central Africa (e.g. Chad and Cameroon).The clade is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia, as well as parts of North Africa and.
  2. Summary. Age: About 4,500 years ago Origin: Eurasia Y-Haplotree. Parent Branch: R-P312 Descendant branch(s): R-Y82199 R-Z2245 FTDNA Tree Link: Link YFull Info. Name: R-L238 Age: 4500 ybp ± 1600 CI 95% Expansion: 4600 ybp ± 2000 CI 95% Parent: R-L23 Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers
  3. For an exhaustive list of mutations, please refer to Yfull.com (also includes the age estimate and TMRCA for most subclades) or The Big Tree (more detailed, but for R1b-P312 clades only). Chronological development of main Western Eurasian Y-DNA haplogroups from the Late Paleolithic to the Iron Ag

yfull age estimates suggest P312 expanded in 2000-2500 BC

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yfull age estimates suggest P312 expanded in 2000-2500 BC

Yfull l2. As well as some diversions covering other Brewer and Brower families with origins in Colonial America Старост гране у годинама према yfull: Етничко порекло родова у Црној Гори према предањима: e-v13>z1057>ph1246>by14151: 4800: српско: e-v13>z1057>cts5856: 4000-4800: српско, албанско >z5017>z5016. The founding father branches of R1b (A8039, A8053, P312, S1200, U106) are reported in yfull as: 4400ybp, 4300 ybp, 4500ybp, 5000ybp and 4700ybp respectively. This gives a founding father of R-L151 of 4800ybp at the start of the increased population growth. P312 has 40 branches, so good statistics The ancestral lineage of Lowland Scottish Clan Armstrong appears to be R1b-P312 > FGC84729 > ZZ37 > ZZ38 > Z30597 > Z30600 > Z39305 > A9439 > FT275048 according to the Armstrong Y-DNA Project. The most famous member of the clan was probably the astronaut Neil Armstrong , who was the first person to walk on the Moon, and who took with him a piece of the Clan Armstrong tartan

Feb 13, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by ISOGG Ireland. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres The YFull Ytree uses the label Y112568, while FTDNA prefers BY33288. R-FGC11134 (Y-DNA) R1b > M269 > R-P312/S116 > L21/S145 > DF13 > FGC11134 FGC11134 / Y3550 is also known as R1b1a1a2a1a2c1c and is a subgroup of R1b > M269 > R-P312/S116 > L21/S145 > DF13 on the Y-DNA tree Dating from YFull.com SNP Nodes us.ng FTDNA nomenclature C) Fitzpatrick Clan Soc.ety 2020 A5846 1.513 FGC9811 M269 1-23 1.478 p F 6404 1-51 p F 6414 PFS535 Y410 P310 CTS10353 CTS7S50 L52 P311 Y SC 0000082 1-151 YSC0000191 P312 CTS12S84 Z290 A245 1.21 DF13 Z2542 2000 BC 11300 BC 4400 BC 2500 BC BY11894 FGC11134 BY24776 Al 59 BY2994 Z39589 DF6

The above designation is a mix of the 2015 and earlier single-letter designation, as well as the new post 2015 tree revamp designation. We found it simpler to follow yFull for the old, long YCC designation here. Haplogroup R has one major branch below it and a few minor ones. The major one is designated R1 or R-M173 in the new nomenclature. Within R1, there are two major branches: R1a and R1b. YFull name: R-Y8397. This is a genealogy site focusing on the 'Rox2' yDNA cluster. DF27, the subclade of P312 that Rox2 descends from, is one of the largest, most widespread but possibly least well-understood of the three big R1b-P312 subclades so far Yfull l2. 4100 BC, TMRCA ca. The also good news is that if you have a genealogical hypothesis that a male in your tree does not match the hierarchy down to R-Z28496 (which, working its way upward, would be . FGC22940 Z142/S11 Z49 L2/S139 U152/S28 P312 L151 P310 L51 . FGC22940 Z142/S11 Z49 L2/S139 U152/S28 P312 L151 P310 L5

See the page above on R1b-P312) for the path to R1b-P312 and its description. Ignoring the R1b-1a1a2a1a-2 (R1b-P312) base for R1b-L20, the YCC SNP path down for just the tail b1a1 is U152 > L2 > Z367 > L20 as of July 2017. This is ISOGG's designation and not the newer ytree which has some additional branch points below the R1b-P312 haplogroup. Yfull l2. 3700 BC) was wrong, by as much as the R1a-Z645 estimates proved wrong, and both subclades were older than expected, then maybe R1b-L51 was not part of the Yamna expansion, but rather part of an earlier expansion with Mar 06, 2018 · Hello everyone Specifically, ytree.net as of Fall 2016 has the path from R1b-P312 to the terminal R1b-Y5072 as: P312 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > DF27 > ZZ12 > ZZ19 > Z31644 > Z42772 > BY2285 > Y5072 All the Z haplogroup 's shown in this path are missing from yfull and many had not been included in FTDNA 's tree either but are recently appearing Initial results showed them as being Haplogroup R1b-P312 and as having Y-DNA STR matches close enough to have a common ancestor in genealogical time. R1b is the most common haplogroup in western Europe , and the two great subdivisions of R1b are U106 and P312 FAQ; Today's Posts; Forum; Paternal Lineages (Y-DNA) Y-DNA Haplogroups & SNPs Advanced; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

DNA Surnames - R-P312 (R1b1a2a1a1b

  1. The above is an old tree made before Rox2 was well represented on Big Tree or FTDNA's Block Tree. The latter two phylogenetic trees are now more up-to-date making the upkeep of the above tree unnecessary. I leave it here as an old curiosity. Key SNPs: R1b-P312 R-Z40481 (STR) ZZ11 (position hg1
  2. Y-SNP Branch Information on R1b-L11. The Y-SNP branch R1b-L11 is defined by L11, L52, P310, P311, PF6539, PF6541, PF6545, PF6546, S127, S128, S129
  3. Welcome to the R1b Basal and Early Subclades Project! R1b is the paternal branch of the human family tree marked by the mutation M343+.R1b includes all R-M269 people. If you are R1b of any type and not P312 and not U106 please join. If you are positive for any descendant SNP such as Z2103+, BY14355+, M73+, PF6323+, PF7589+, S1194+, V1636+ or V88+; please join this project as they are the focus.

This project is a meeting place for users who share the R-BY33288 Y-DNA haplogroup, which means they are related along their paternal lines. Users in this group may want to share their family trees with each other to find overlaps and merge duplicate profiles in order to join or expand the World Family Tree and discover new relatives most recent common ancestor of R1b-P312 is dated to 2500 BCE, that of R1b-Z2118, also showing a distribution overlapping the Bell Beaker range to 2700 BCE, and their common parent group, R1b-L52 to 3700 BCE, (YFull, 2019) this evidence suggests that most of today¶s Y-DNA lineages of the range wer Hello Jan, According to the Yfull tree S22047 is 3,600 years old. R-U106 is the smaller branch, R-P312 being the larger one (there are some other small branches). R-Z156 is about a sixth of R-U106 Michael Sager just analyzed a new R1b Big Y result that was found to be R-L151*, negative for R-P312, R-U106, R-S1194 and R-A8053. That means that there is a fifth lineage descending from R-L151, sibling to the other four high profile R1b clades R-P312 osv. (faktisk er R1b1a1a2a1a2 og R-P312 to forskellige navne for præcis samme haplogruppe). 90% af prøverne til Yfull, så ville de naturligvis ikke finde sig i dette ret længe, så i 2018 begyndte FTDNA også at registrere alle nye SNP'er, som de opdager som BY-haplogrupper

Various Haplogroup chart captures from FamilyTreeDNA.com, ISOGG.org, ytree.net (R1b-P312), and yfull.com that are used on DNA Grouping pages here Simplified Y-DNA Haplogroup R Haplotree Focused on the Position of DF99 (U106 and P312 are the major subdivisions of R1b; L21 is the major subclade of P312; SNPs in red-brown are YFull labels. You are in Y-DNA Haplogroup R, subclade R-P312, which is one of the most common types of R1b1a2 (R-M269) in Europe. Also known as S116, it has been the subject of significant study concerning its sub-clades. The SNP R-S744 places you in subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1a2a2, which was added to the ISOGG tree by new research on 12 May 2014

the reasons that I recommend that P312+ men should join both The Big Tree and YFull. Where the two trees, agree, you can be almost certain. Where they disagree, either one may be right. If you join both, then you have your bases covered plus an increased array of other features YFull also round off TMRCAs to 25, 50 & 100 years, depending on the estimated age range. If you are R1b-P312, search out your haplogroup in Alex Williamson's The Big Tree, which is a draft phylogeny for NGS (next generation sequencing) raw data from tests like the Big Y The oldest subclade under U152, Y22162, has, per yFull's own calculation, a foundation age of 5.5 kya, corrected downmwards to 4.5 kya in order to bring it line with the estimation for U152 itself, which in turn has been derived from R-P312 upstream, as also the yFull calculation for U152 yields a higher age Yfull l2 - as.ellenbiancheria.it Yfull l

Yfull l2. Yfull l Yfull l2 Yfull l YFull U152 and Subclades Iain McDonald's Tree Structure for R-P312 (includes U152) 2011 05 07: A L2* sample tested on an illumina chip has been reported positive Yfull r1b Yfull r1b Encourage other people who are L2+ or U152+ to participate at yfull. 2 days ago · Haplogroup R is associated with the peopling of Eurasia after about 70,000 years ago, and is distributed in modern populations. Med BIG-Y resultatet bör man ladda hem VCF filen och skicka detta till www.yfull.com (49$) och om man är testad som R-P312 till www.ytree.net. De gör bl.a åldersberäkningar på de olika mutationerna och är värdefull data för att skapa ett SNP-Släktträd bortom kyrkböckernas räckvidd YFull Y Tree; Irish Type III Website with authoritative list of DC marker series by Dennis Wright; FTDNA Public Y-DNA Haplotree; YTree.Net mutations by Alex Williamson. Focused on R-P312 and subbranches. YFull MtDNA Tree; SNPedia.com database for any chromosome; Ancient DNA on Indo-European.eu by Carlos Quiles (and formerly Jean Manco

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P312: PF6547 S116 MF52579 rs34276300: Major block under R1b. Arose about 5,000 bce. hg38 Ref does not match ancestral allele value. Britain's DNA labeled this branch: Beaker Folk and formerly Bell Beaker. 35: Z290: S461 rs146019383: Largest branch under under M269 36: L21: M529 S145 rs11799226: Largest European group under R1b P312 Alex wants the VCF file for his analysis. If you are within the R-P312 group, follow his instructions to submit the file. The Thompson Big Y results have been submitted to FGC, YFull, Mike Walsh's L21 Tree, Iain McDonald's P312 Tree, Alex Williamson's Big Tree, and James Kane's Haplogroup R and Subclades Tree

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  1. The ISOGG tree (as late as early 2017) only takes R1b-P312 one step further to R1b-U152 as they have not expanded the markers for the branches below that. R1b-U152 is a main branch that used to be just below R1b-P312 in many of the trees (and still is in yFull)
  2. YFull TMRCA R1b. Saved by ISOGG Ireland. 1. Dna Genealogy Bronze Age Study History People Studio Historia Studying History Books. More information... More ideas for you.
  3. P312: PF6547 S116 MF52579 rs34276300: Major block under R1b. Arose about 5,000 bce. hg38 Ref does not match ancestral allele value. Britain's DNA labeled this branch: Beaker Folk and formerly Bell Beaker. 35: ZZ11_1: ZZ11: Located on DYZ19 heterochromatic region. Found in haplogroup R1b under P312 and above U152. 36: DF27: S250 rs57747834
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  1. Extract of R1b DF27 YTree for matches with YFull id:YF04247 ENG, descendant of wealthy miller/glover/Mass Bay Colony adventurer/Old Planter of Saugus (later known as Lynn), Massachusetts, John Pole/Poolle/Poole (c1608/1667)--- UPDATED as of 12 June 2016-- notice how this section of the YTree is much different than my 3 Nov 2015, YTree v3.17 version posted
  2. Look at any R1b subclade and note the speed between SNPs R-L23 to R-P312, The tool now uses dates from YFull: about a quarter of the SNPs in the Y Tree have corresponding dated SNPs in YFull which suffice for interpolation to cover the entire tree
  3. YFull R1b1a2a2 Phylogenetic Tree. Saved by ISOGG Ireland. More ideas for you.
  4. Even though these SNPs (only downstream P312) won't be all reliable, because from Ytree rather than the most rigorous YFull tree, who may believe that hg. R-L27 is only 4500 years old as to YFull? R1b-P312-BY25512-14882167 R1b-P312-DF19-DF88-FGC11833-Z17110-S4281 R1b-P312-L238-Z2245-Z2247-CTS11638-Y11663-Y10824-FGC24543 R1b-P312-Z290-BY22760.
  5. This R-L11 man had three sons, in the genetic sense, not in the literal sense. The first two sons are R-U106 and R-P312. Their stories are well known (at least in genetic genealogy circles). This is the story of the third brother, the one without a name
  6. R-DF27 is a prolific lineage of R1b that formed 2500 BC.. Most modern descendants live in the British Isles and down the Atlantic coast of Europe to Iberia. According to Sole-Morata, Villaescusa et alii, the origin is NE Iberia.The high percentage of DF27 within Basques (supposedly up to 70%) is explained as a founder effect due to the lower diversity of DF27 found there

What information will YFull give me that the FTDNA BigY700

Iain McDonald has just published a new project analyzing all of the P312 Big-Y results. P312 is much older than our Z16357. The general heredity is P312 > L21/Z290 > L513 > S5668 > Z16357. He places Yfull l2 - ee.teknologika.it Yfull l According to YFull-Dating is certainly possible that my own terminal I-A16216 did not even exist when CL63 was alive. One way or another CL63 is a very, very close relative of mine in terms of YDNA. My present branch seems to have a connection with Slovenia, so there is not too much physical distance either

R1b-M343, P297, M73, M269 (except U106, U198, P312) Contact: Sergey Malyshev R1b-U106 Contact: Raymond Wing R1b-U106->U198 Contact: John Sloan R1b-P312 except L21 Coordinator: Stephen Parrish R1b-P312 except U152, L21 Contact: Stephen Parrish. R-P312 (R1b1a2a1a1b) Birth(Haplo) The TMRCA for tree branch of R-L21 (R1b1a2a1a1b4) is estimated at 4300 ybp by the YFull v6.02 tree, being an average of an estimated range of 4800-3800 ybp..

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Howell DNA Surname Project Group 1 VA Photo Gallery byFamiglia Rabai: Interpretación de mi cromosoma Y basado enJewish Y-DNA branch AB-075Разбор случая: R-U152>R-Z56>R-Z43>R-Z145>>>(R1b - с
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