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Sauron är företrädare för de onda krafterna och skaparen av Härskarringen som är orsaken till Ringens krig, i J.R.R. Tolkiens böcker om Härskarringen. Sauron framträder även i Silmarillion som Morgoths högste löjtnant och ställföreträdare Sauron (Q.: IPA [ˈsaʊron] or [ˈθaʊron]); The Abhorred), or the eponymous Lord of the Rings, was a fallen Maia, creator of the One Ring, a gifted student of Vala Aulë the Smith and lieutenant of Melkor (Morgoth). After his master's defeat by the Valar, Sauron became the second Dark Lord and.. Sauron, once a noble Maia known as Mairon, is the main antagonist of the Middle-earth legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien. Once the greatest smith of Aulë, he joined with the 1st Dark Lord Morgoth in the First Age, becoming his principal lieutenant. During the Second Age, Sauron became the 2nd Dark.. Sauron var den Morgoths tjänare före och under Första tidsåldern. Efter sin herres undergång strävade han ständigt efter att lukta godare i Midgård under Andra och Tredje fissåldern. Han luktade så illa för att han jobbade på ett reningsverk i kumla under dom första 20 åren av hans karriär , sen.. Saurons språkrör (Åke Ohlmarks översättning) eller Saurons mun (Erik Anderssons översättning), i original Mouth of Sauron, är i J.R.R. Tolkiens Sagan om ringen underbefälhavare för Barad-dûr och var en Svart Númenóreansk budbärare för Sauron. Han försökte övertyga Aragorn och Gandalf att ge upp och låta Sauron att vinna Ringens krig

  1. Sauron (pron. [ˈsaʊron]) is a Quenya name, said to mean the Abhorred. Several accounts of the origin of the name Sauron were suggested in different linguistic manuscripts: deriving from Quenya saura (foul, evil-smelling, putrid, from the root THUS). deriving from Quenya saura (foul, vile; from root SAWA)
  2. Sauron was born as the Maia Mairon, servant to the Vala Aulë. Originally pure of heart with a love of order, he was manipulated into darkness by the original Dark Lord, Morgoth. Serving as Morgoth's apprentice, Sauron acted as his second in command in the fallen Vala's conquest for Middle Earth
  3. Sauron is the Dark Lord that looms over Middle-earth, searching for the One Ring, which long ago he made for himself. He is the supreme but unseen ruler of Mordor, and yet can be summoned if the Ring is found, and taken to an evil faction's Fortress. Sauron arriving from an Angmar fortress. Lore. See Sauron at One Wiki to Rule Them All. BFME 2 Abilitie

Summary. Sauron (or Þauron (Thauron); Quenya; IPA: [ˈsaʊron] or Vanyarin; IPA: [ˈθaʊron] - The Abhorred), the eponymous Lord of the Rings, was a fallen Maia, the creator of the One Ring, and the most trusted lieutenant of his master Melkor (Morgoth, the first Dark Lord). After Melkor's defeat in the First Age, Sauron became the second Dark Lord. Sauron is the god of Hunger. When released from his sleep of ages by the catastrophe, he soon realized that he must devour human flesh to remain immortal. The hungry hordes of humanity worshipped him, but lived in dread fear of his presence. Many humans soon sought refuge with other rulers of the planet

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  1. Sauron may be referring to two or more different villains. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin. If you came here from a link , please go back and make the right link for one of the villains listed below
  2. Sauron er en fiktiv person i J.R.R. Tolkiens berømte trilogi, Ringenes Herre, men optræder desuden i Silmarillion. Han omtales som mørkets fyrste, og han repræsenterer det onde i fortællingen. Han er en ånd der kaldes maiar
  3. Sauron is the main antagonist of the game series, he acts as a central background antagonist in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the main antagonist and final boss in The Bright Lord Story Pack, and the main antagonist of Middle-earth: Shadow of War.. The foremost fallen Maia and a prime firebrand of the evil that plagues Middle-earth, Sauron fell as the satellite of rebellion at the dawn of time
  4. Sauron was a dark lord, the lieutenant of Morgoth and the oppressive leader of the dark forces in Middle-earth in the second and third ages. With the help of Celebrimbor, he forged the rings of power at Mount Doom in Mordor including the One Ring. He was defeated at the battle of Dagorlad by Isildur and was thought to be dead

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  1. Age of Apocalypse(Earth-295)Professor X: Juggernaut(Earth-905)Mr. Sinister's X-Men(Earth-956)Ultimate Universe(Earth-1610)Marvel Age Power Pack(Earth-5631)Skrulls Invaded(Earth-5692)Days of Future Now(Earth-5700)Crossoververse(Earth-7642)Legacy Virus merged with Warlock(Earth-8545)Phoenix did..
  2. Sauron (uttalad / s aʊ r ɒ n / ) är den titeln karaktär och huvud antagonist , genom smidning av Ringen , av JRR Tolkien 's Sagan om ringen , där han härskar landet av Mordor och har den ambition att styra hela Mellanjorden .I samma arbete identifieras han som Necromancer i Tolkiens tidigare roman The Hobbit .I The Silmarillion beskrivs han också som chefslöjtnant för den första.
  3. Sauron is the main antagonist of the Middle Earth franchise. 1 History 1.1 Before the film trilogies 1.2 The Hobbit trilogy 1.2.1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 1.2.2 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 1.2.3 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 1.3 The Lord of the Rings trilogy 1.3.1 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 1.3.2 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 1.3.3.
  4. Sauron wields this Ability to reveal all Enemy Guardians on the map for 5 seconds, and his searing vision causes 30/45/60/75 Ability Damage per second for 5 seconds to all revealed Guardians. Once the effect ends, All Enemy Guardians have fear, causing the victim to move uncontrollably, applied to them for 1.0 seconds

Sauron ( /ˈsaʊərɒn/) is the primary antagonist and titular character[note 1] of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. In the same work, he is revealed to be the same character as the Necromancer from Tolkien's earlier novel The Hobbit. In Tolkien's The Silmarillion (published posthumously by Tolkien's son Christopher Tolkien),[2] he is also revealed to have been the chief lieutenant of. Recruit the Lord of the Rings, Master of Mordor, Dark Lord and wandering Shadow of Dol Guldur, The Disciple of Morgoth. The Dark Lord Sauron is an absolute powerhouse who can do just about everything in the game, a force that will rise again through the completion of tasks to bring doom to Middle-earth. 1 The Necromancer 1.1 Shadow form 1.2 Flame Form 1.3 Strategy 2 Gorthaur 2.1 Gorthaur Spell.

Sauron is an unimplemented mob within the mod who was added as a test. He is not intended to be anywhere near finished, nor to be fought in survival mode as a boss battle, and he will be improved and completed when work starts on the major quest system but not before. Originally there was a spawn egg for Sauron, then available in creative. However, many players came to the erroneous conclusion. Sons of Sauron is a militant policlub of Trolls and Orks. 1 Overview 2 Structure 3 Underworld 4 References 5 Index The Sons of Sauron could be either viewed as a terrorist organization or a band of freedom fighters, depending on what side of the street you're standing on. What the Human Nation and Alamos 20,000 are to Humanis, the Sons of Sauron are to ORC, MOM, and the Empowerment Coalition.

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  1. Sauron(orÞauron;Quenya;IPA:[ˈsaʊron]orVanyarin[ˈθaʊron]- Abhorred), the eponymousLord of the Rings, was a fallenMaia, the creator of theOne Ring, and the most trusted lieutenant of his fellow fallen Maia Morgoth. After Morgoth's defeat in theFirst Age, Sauron became the secondDark Lordand strove to conquerArda, creating theRings of Powerfor this purpose. In theSecond Age, he was.
  2. antly as the Dark Lord of Mordor, The Enemy and the Lord of the Rings, was perhaps the greatest (and certainly the most infamous) Umaia, as well as the second Dark Lord of the Fell powers and the Sorcerer-ruler of Mordor.. A chief of the Maiar and the mightiest of the fire-spirits of Aule, Mairon was second only to Eonwë, the herald of Manwë
  3. Sauron's body was destroyed but his spirit survived and was heavenly damaged and he could never take a fair shape agian. When Sauron's spirit returned he saw that the survivers of the sinking of Númenor had build severeal cities including Arnor and Gondor and Minas Ithil. Sauron waged war agianst the elves and the men of the west
  4. Sauron, the eponymous Lord of the Rings, was a fallen Maia, the creator of the One Ring, and the most trusted lieutenant of his master Melkor (Morgoth, the first Dark Lord). After Melkor's defeat in the First Age, Sauron became the second Dark Lord and strove to conquer Arda by creating the Rings of Power. In the Second Age, he was defeated in the War of the Last Alliance by the last line of.
  5. ating major.

Sauron is the Dark Lord of Mordor, the Big Bad of Lord of the Rings, and one of the original Dark Spawn Lords during the first Cartoonian War against the High Council. Originally, he was the Dark Lord Morgoth's abominable lieutenant during the First Age. He was also the creator of the One Ring and the Dark Lord of Mordor, whom the Fellowship of the Ring sought to defeat. His name was formerly. Upon the defeat of Morgoth, Sauron sued for pardon but did not return for judgement before the Valar. In the Second Age, Sauron convinced the Elven smiths of Eregion to forge the Rings of Power, while he secretly crafted the One to rule them all. His treachery unveiled, Sauron warred with Elves and Men, rising as the second Dark Lord and the Enemy Sauron, was a fallen maia of Middle-Earth, the Dark Lord of Mordor and creator of The One Ring of Power. Since the First Age, Sauron, formally known as Mairon was a maia and a craftsmen once under the wing of the Valar (Gods of Middle-Earth). Thou not as powerful as they, he was still one of the most powerful and most skilled maiar, even more so than Olorin and Curunir; better known as.

Sauron was the main antagonist of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His goal was to conquer Middle-Earth, using his Ring to do it. He was constantly sending his minions to stop Frodo and Sam from destroying the Ring for, in his weakened state, the death of the Ring would kill him.. His symbol was the Eye of Sauron, and it was on the armor of all his soldiers Sauron is a major antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in The Keyblade Wars as a member of Chernabog's original 13 Seekers of Darkness, comprised of the Dark Lord's most loyal demon lord generals in his Ancient One armies. 1 Story 1.1 The Keyblade Wars - X (Chi) 1.2 The Lonely Mountain 2 Appearance and Personality 3 Boss Strategy 3.1 Kingdom Hearts X 4 Gallery.

1 History 1.1 Dawn of the Third Age 1.2 Mordor Assembled 1.3 CaptainCoronel's Rule 1.4 Rulers of Mordor 2 Builds Mordor is a powerful and ancient realm. The first dark lord of Mordor was Sauron (menbeerpig). He built himself a palace and ruled Mordor from his dark throne. In times of his rule faction enjoyed wealth and prosperity. Mordor had started growing rapidly in middle ofSecond server. The Dominion of Sauron Campaign is a secondary campaign that has been created for the Age of the Ring mod. It will be accessed through the Skirmish menu and is a recreation of the BFME2 Evil Campaign. It portrays an alternate timeline in which Sauron's forces of the Misty Mountains and Dol Guldur ravage the North, until Sauron reclaims the One Ring and covers the land in a second darkness. 1. Sauron, the Enemy, was the foremost fallen Maia and the reincarnation of evil, originally the most powerful among the Maiar.Beginning well as a reputed servant of Aulë the Smith, he became captivated by the ability to impose his beloved order. Early on, he was ensnared by Morgoth and became his most-trusted lieutenant in the Wars of Beleriand.. After Morgoth's downfall, Sauron hid in Middle.

Sauron är ett krigsspel från 1977 publicerat av Simulations Publications, Inc.. gameplay. Sauron är ett spel som handlar om Saurons nederlag av Elendil och Gil-galad i slutet av andra tidsåldern.. Reception. David James Ritchie granskade Sauron i The Space Gamer nr 17. Ritchie granskade Gondor och Sauron tillsammans och kommenterade att De är tillräckliga, men inget mer. Ändå är. Sauron is the main antagonist of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the eponymous Lord of the Rings, being the creator of the One Ring.. Sauron is a fallen Maia and the most trusted lieutenant of his master Melkor, the first Dark Lord, and became the second Dark Lord after Melkor's defeat in the First Age and strove to conquer Arda by creating the Rings of Power Sauron, also known as Lord Sauron, is the main antagonist of the Middle-Earth franchise. He appears as the main antagonist of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and the overarching antagonist of The Hobbit film trilogy since he was the one behind Azog's crimes and even made a pact with Smaug, serving as a flashback antagonist in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the secondary antagonist of. Sauron was a Maia named Mairon, who was soon ensnared by Melkor, also called Morgoth.Renamed Sauron, He convinced men to worship Morgoth as a god. Sauron served as Morgoth's chief lieutenant when The Noldorin Elves left the Blessed Realm of Valinor in the Utter West (against the counsel of the Valar) in order to wage war on Morgoth

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Voice Actor(s) Robert Bockstael Other Version(s) Wolverine and the X-MenHulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Karl Lykos is a man living in the Savage Land who was mutated into a dinosaur-like creature named Sauron. 1 Biography 2 Background 2.1 In the Comics 3 External Links The early history of Lykos is unknown. He apparently knew Ka-Zar. At some point, Mister Sinister experimented on Lykos. Do you serve me in death? Will you kill for me? ― Sauron, to ShelobSauron, also known as Annatar or his original name Mairon, is a character that is part of Cheafpic's Skyrim Playthrough of Morgoth Bauglir.I see you.... ― SauronSauron rose to power when he was separated from his master during the Escape from Coldharbour. After serving Molag Bal for a short period of time, Sauron.

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Sauron was prominent among the Maiar who served Aulë the Smith, the great craftsman of the Valar. As a result, Sauron came to possess great knowledge of the physical substances of the world, forging, and all manner of craftsmanship, emerging as a great craftsman of the household of Aulë Sauron is one of most powerful Maiar whose power only grew stronger with the forging of the One Ring. In the First Age he was know as Gorthaur, Warden of Angband, and first in command after Morgoth Sauron is the main antagonist of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the eponymous Lord of the Rings, being the creator of the One Ring. Sauron is a fallen Maia and the most trusted lieutenant of his master Melkor, the first Dark Lord, and became the second Dark Lord after Melkor's defeat in the First Age and strove to conquer Arda by creating the Rings of Power Sauron är Quenya och betyder ungefär den hatade. Sindaralverna kallade honom Gorthaur, med ungefär samma innebörd, men han hade många andra namn och det var ytterst ovanligt att någon använde hans riktiga namn, särskilt i Gondor

7,000 Mordor, 2,500 Dol Guldur, 1,500 Angmar, 1,500 Half-trolls, 1,000 Rhudel, 1,000 Near Hara Welcome to the sauron wiki! This wiki is based on https://guide.elm-lang.org/ adapted for sauron Sauron is also the main antagonist of all six films. Sauron is based on the character of the same name from The Lord of the Rings. History [edit | edit source] Sauron serves the fallen Valar, Morgoth to bring balance among Middle-earth, but Morgoth is defeated. Sauron then takes over his master's wishes

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Sauron as a background character in the beginning of Ralph Bakshi's Animated Film, Lord of the Rings. The Eye of Sauron (Animated) Sauron is the main antagonist of the Lord of the Rings franchise.A demonic ruler of immeasurable power, he lacks a corporeal form, as he has imbued most of his power into the One Ring.He is a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War, though he. Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor and former servant of Morgoth, was an evil being The Fellowship was after. It was thought Sauron led Mordor and sent the Witch King after the Rebel Alliance. However, it turned out that the Supreme Leader was the mastermind behind Mordor, and Sauron is most likely..

Sauron is the titular character and the primary antagonist of the epic fantasy novel, The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien. In the same work, he is revealed to be the same character as the Necromancer from Tolkien's earlier novel, The Hobbit. In Tolkien's The Silmarillion, he is also revealed to have been the chief lieutenant of the first Dark Lord, Morgoth. Tolkien noted that the. Sauron, also reffered to as the Necromancer of Dol Guldur, the Enemy or the Dark Lord, is a minifigure based on the main character of the same name in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. He first featured in LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game and made his physical appearance in 79014 Dol Guldur Battle. Sauron appears in LEGO Dimensions where he is voiced by Steven Blum. He was also a.

The Dark Lord Sauron is driven by a consuming desire to dominate all of Middle-earth. From his stronghold in Mordor Sauron controls many seravants and all who fight for Evil, bow to his will. Sauron is the most powerful Hero in The Lord of The Ring Strategy Battle Game, to face him in combat is to face death. This box set contains one multi-part metal Sauron, Lord of the Ring and one model of. A dubious genus of predatory basal carcharodontosaurid theropod dinosaur known from the Late Cretaceous of Morocco. In the early twenty-first century a collector donated a dinosaur skull bone to the Italian Museo Paleontologico di Montevarchi. Eye of Sauron

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Bio:Dr. Karl Lykos must absorb the life forces of others to survive. However, if he absorbs the life of a mutant, he becomes the pterodactyl-like Sauron, gaining the powers of flight and hypnosis. Appearances First Marvel: Avengers Alliance Appearance: Special Operations - Fratricide: Mission 1 - Sinister Calling First Comic Appearance: X-Men #59 (August, 1969) (as Karl Lykos)X-Men #60. Sauron: Sauron is a skilled sorcerer, capable of creating illusions and utilizing dark magic. His appearance likely mirrors that of the Witch-King's, just larger and more terrible, and, just like the Witch-King, immune from conventional damage 1 Sauron 1.1 Biography 1.2 Stats 1.3 Abilities 1.4 Special Events Dr. Karl Lykos is a mutant with the ability to absorb the life-force of others. When he comes into contact with mutant energies, however, Lykos because Sauron, a winged reptilian beast with razor sharp claws and a hypnotic stare. Sauron possesses a defense against Energy attacks. Sauron autokills Invisible Woman. Sauron is. Sauron is a character The LEGO Batman Movie, originally from The Lord of The Rings.He is voiced by Steve Blum in LEGO Dimensions and by Jemaine Clement in The LEGO Batman Movie.. History. At some point, Sauron was trapped in the Phantom Zone.He was later freed by The Joker and set loose on Gotham City.Sauron turns Gotham's rivers into lava

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The assault on Middle Earth was about to begin; the Dark Lord would inherit the land. His name was SAURON, and Middle Earth belonged to him. Though he forbade any unwarranted visitors, one poor Orc braved the consequences of trespassing to deliver to Sauron a warning from the Mordor watchmen. Sauron's breath erupted as though he exhaled magma Sauron is a megalomaniacal former senator for the Bosnian Liberal Party, and creator of the One Ring. In SA 1202 he won the Most Dangerous Person in the Universe Award, which he is very proud of (although it would probably have been awarded to him a year earlier if there weren't so many Ents on the committee). Very little is known about him besides these facts, but we've tried to include as. ***This page currently is a spoilers A warning if you do not want to know*** Aradia is the daughter of Deeana, the Moon Giant, using Zerno's corpse material and Vandalieu's Demon King's blood and other stuff to conceive. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Conception 5 Abilities and Skills 6 Trivia She looks like a normal, intelligent giant girl with the difference of possessing a third eye.

Sauron (サウロン, Sauron) is a Bounty Hunter.Originally one of the most famed bounty hunters on the Grand Line, given the epithet of S (エス, Esu) due to the quality of his work, even commanding his own army of bounty hunters, Sauron's life crumbled beneath him when he accepted a job to assassinate a World Noble.The World Government caught wind of his plans and promptly sent a Marine. This page has been moved, the new location is Sauron, The Lord of the Rings (9R+48). lotr09048wiki.txt · Last modified: 2013/03/04 16:43 (external edit) Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unporte Sauron Duchy was originally the Sauron Kingdom, it saw itself forced to merge into the Orbaume Kingdom in order to resist the then growing power of the Amid Empire, thus becoming the Sauron Duchy.. Background. For the longest time, The Sauron Duchy has resisted the Amid Empire. It borders the Hartner Duchy as well as the Amid Empire; recently it has been occupied by the Amid Empire Sauron(voiced by Sala Baker) is the Dark Lord of Mordor and the principal antagonist in theLord of the Rings trilogy. Sauron first appeared in the infamous book series of the same name, The Lord of The Rings. He has the abilities to control creatures of Darkness and all with an iron fist. He rules the Lands of Mordor, and created the One Ring, in lands volcano, Mount Doom. His main weapon is a.

Sauron (or Þauron; Quenya Tengwar: full spelling 3.E7Y5 or vowel-abbreviated spelling 3.7Y5; IPA: [ˈsaʊron] or Vanyarin [ˈθaʊron]) was the Dark Lord Morgoth's abominable lieutenant during the First Age. He was also the creator of the One Ring and the Dark Lord ofMordor, whom the Fellowship of the Ring sought to defeat. His name was formerly Thauron, and came from the elvish word thaur. 1 Background 2 Involvement 3 Item Drops 4 Voice actor info As a young boy, Karl Lykos went with his father on an expedition to Tierra del Fuego near the Antarctic Circle. Along with them on the journey were a physician, Dr. Anderssen, and his daughter Tanya, who was about the same age as Karl. At one point during the trip Tanya became lost, and Karl found her in a cave being attacked by. Sauron is a comic book character, a supervillain in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. An enemy of the X-Men, Sauron is the alter ego of Karl Lykos, sharing a Jekyll and Hyde relationship with the physician. He is an energy vampire who resembles a humanoid Pteranodon after feeding. He often inhabits the hidden prehistoric jungle of the Savage Land. 1 Creation and conception 2 Fictional.

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