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This is a mirror for Telldus main repository. Contribute to telldus/telldus development by creating an account on GitHub Contribute to telldus/telldus-live-mobile-v3 development by creating an account on GitHub A simple Python script that fetches all available Telldus sensors from TelldusLive and writes the readings into an InfluxDB TSDB. influxdb telldus Install telldus-local-auth: npm i -g telldus-local-auth; Run in a terminal telldus-local-auth <IP OF YOUR DEVICE> appname and follow instructions. appname can be set to whatever you want. Note the returned token git clone http://git.telldus.com/tellstick-duo.git cd tellstick-duo git submodule init git submodule update Compile the source ----- We recommend you do an out of source build. Create a folder and initiate a cmake build cache in it

This project is licensed under the MIT license and is forked from telldus-core-js (https://github.com/evilmachina/telldus-core-js) by GitHub user evilmachina. Issues. The sourcecode and bug tracker is hosted on GitHub, https://github.com/Hexagon/node-telldus My clone of the main telldus repository (https://github.com/telldus/telldus) - stromnet/telldus Telldus® är ett svenskt varumärke som ägs och marknadsförs av Proove AB. Birger Svenssons väg 34B 432 40 Varberg. support @telldus.s With Telldus Live, you can make sure you get the most out of your smart home. By adding devices such as smart outlets and sensors, you can easily choose how you want them to be controlled. By connecting a smart doorbell in your Telldus Live you can get notifications when someone rings the doorbell, which is perfect if you are out in the garden

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  1. Japp, jag modifierade den enligt Sajjes instruktioner. Dock så installerade jag ett annat Telldus-plugin, https://github.com/jchnlemon/homebridge s/issues/1, men vet dock inte om detta kan hjälpa dig. Kan ju vara värt att testa iaf, men avinstallera den andra Telldus-pluginen innan du installerar denna
  2. telldus.py. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets
  3. 1. Forka GitHub-repot på knappen högst upp till höger. Du behöver ha ett GitHub-konto. 2. Installera Git om du inte redan har det, och klona (ladda ner) din fork enligt nedan. Vår fork ligger under https://github.com/mpunktnu/com.telldus och klon-länken hittas på GitHub-sidan: I mappen ligger nu ett antal filer och mappar
  4. // a) Telldus-Live module (https://github.com/TheThingSystem/node-telldus-live) // // // The function will fire one output message for each device it gets information about from Telldus Live. // By default the device id and name is included in the messages, but this can be customised as needed. // // Define Telldus Live API credential
  5. You'll be prompted with a screen. Use your Telldus-account to log in. Click on Lua-script in the menu. Click on New Script, give it a name. - Now you are good to go! We've put together some example-scripts that might be good to check out: https://github.com/telldus/tellstick-lua-examples. Happy coding! Some useful links to more information
  6. Find Telldus devices IP (like Telldus Net). GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

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Mine supports both local and live, and is now being used as a backend in homebridge-telldus for supporting both local/live. It seems that in practice, the API's of local/live are very similar, so the core functionality can be used interchangeably Telldus ser därför till att ständigt ligga i framkant och lyssnar in vilka produkter våra kunder värdesätter och vill se mer av. Oavsett om du bor i hus eller lägenhet har vi garanterat smarta produkter och lösningar som passar dig och ditt hem - och vi finns alltid nära tillhands om du skulle behöva vår hjälp We use cookies and similar technologies (cookies) to provide and secure our websites, as well as to analyze the usage of our websites, in order to offer you a great user experience Since most of Telldus code is released as Open Source it is not only possible for everyone to read the code, but everone can contribute with updates, and we encourage you to do so. To ease up the development we are using git for the code and mirror it on two of the bigger git hosting sites; Gitorious and GitHub GitHub. The workflow for GitHub is quite similar. This is suitable if you plan on contributing more than once or twice. You need to have a user account on the site first. You can then fork our repository, creating your own, before cloning the repository. Our GitHub the repositories are available here: https://github.com/telldus

Forked from GitHub mirror for Telldus main repository https://github.com/telldus Note, we use a separate GitHub repository for each add-on. Please ensure you are creating the issue on the correct GitHub repository matching the add-on. Open an issue for the add-on: Mailfilter; Open an issue for the add-on: Mailserver; Open an issue for the add-on: SteVe; Open an issue for the add-on: TellStick with Telldus Liv Jag hittade tidigare en väldigt välskriven Powershell modul för Telldus Live på DollarUnderscore hemsida. Jag kontaktade honom och fick ok att inkludera koden i Powershell modulen för hemautomation, koden delar vi nu fritt på Github. Funktionerna för Telldus Live som DollarUnderscore har skrivit är tydligt uppmärkta i koden Om du tittar Telldus Github så kan du finna en del sk LUA-program. https://github.com/telldus Bl.a så har dom gjort ett återställningsprogram/timer som du kanske kan använda för att återställa brandvarnarindikeringen Mine supports both local and live, and is now being used as a backend in homebridge-telldus for supporting both local/live. It seems that in practice, the API's of local/live are very similar, so the core functionality can be used interchangeably. https://github.com/mifi/telldus-api

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  1. En grupp forskare från Stanford University, Kalifornien har lagt upp den genetiska koden för Modernas covid-vaccin på Github, något som är tänkt att underlätta för andra forskare.. Enligt Motherboard har forskarna använt sig av droppar som blivit över i samband med vaccineringar, droppar som annars skulle ha kasserats. Agerandet har godkänts av den amerikanska läkemedelsmyndigheten.
  2. När jag går in i inställningarna i pebbleappen för att logga in på mitt telldus live konto så står det bara waiting for webview Jag kör pebbleapp beta 4 och firmware 2. Vet inte vilket version appen är skriven för, och jag är ingen programmerare så jag klarar inte att felsöka själv heller
  3. This guide shows how to setup the latest Telldus core software for controlling remote switches using a Tellstick USB device on a Raspberry PI.. To prepare your Raspberry Pi with Domoticz, follow this guide: Preparing_RaspberryPI_(Debian-Wheezy)_for_Domotic
  4. Configuration file for Domoticz and Telldus Live. http://pysselilivet.blogspot.com/2016/11/homekit-for-telldus-live.html - config.json Skip to content All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign u

# Install Telldus library for TellStick: RUN apk add --no-cache \ confuse libftdi1 libstdc++ jq socat \ && apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-dependencies \ cmake build-base gcc doxygen confuse-dev argp-standalone libftdi1-dev git \ && ln -s /usr/include/libftdi1/ftdi.h /usr/include/ftdi.h \ && mkdir -p /usr/src \ && cd /usr/src \ Telldus AB is a swedish company with several products. Domoticz have basic support for two ; Tellstick, and Tellstick Duo. Tellstick is a USB connected serial RF433 sender. Tellstick Duo is basically the same, but also abel to receive Telldus functions that used to return bool (tdSetName, tdSetProtocol, tdSetModel, tdSetDeviceParameter and tdRemoveDevice) now raise an exception instead of returning False. Support for rain- and windsensors. Include data type in SensorValue Contribute to telldus/tellstick-net development by creating an account on GitHub Telldus ZNet Lite. ZNet är efterföljaren till den populära Tellstick Net och finns i två versioner v1 och v2. På samma sätt som Tellstick Net så är även denna väldigt enkel att komma igång med. ZNet har stöd för både 433MHz och Z-wave enheter

This guide describes how to build TelldusCore from source. This guide is only if you want to help out and develop new functions in TelldusCore.. This guide is only a stub, please help us by expanding it The patch bin.patch is not in sync with the version in the upstream URL. This one no longer applies but the version from the upstream does, but you'll have to clone a repo with many unrelated projects to get it The Telldus Tellstick is a small USB connected radio tranciever which plays well on Windows/Mac/Linux (Raspberry) and is used to control a wide range of 433 MHz based plugged in and built in electric switches and dimmers The Telldus Live integration was introduced in Home Assistant 0.11, and it's used by 0.9% of the active installations. Its IoT class is Cloud Polling and scores gold on our quality scale. You can find the source for this integration on GitHub

Prerequisites¶. This software is only supported under Linux and macOS. Although most of the prerequisites can be installed sandboxed, locally in the project folder, there are some libraries that must exist on the system For anyone that wants to try telldus-core (basic or duo) then download the same binding and use the following in your XXX.things file. Bridge tellstick:telldus-core:1. If you are using Linux you might want to do. Bridge tellstick:telldus-core:1 [libraryPath=] otherwise it will use default values for windows I used the LUA-script template for The button from Telldus Github: https://github.com/telldus/tellstick-lua-examples/blob/master/zwave/Fibaro/TheButton.lua. You can add the script by opening the LUA-editor in your browser, http://<tellstick_ip_address>/lua. You can probably find the IP-address in your routers DHCP GitHub Gist: star and fork thilander's gists by creating an account on GitHub

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Updated 2019-03-18 ! Do You have Telldus devices up and running and want them to be visible and used in Apples Home app ? With some software and a Raspberry Pi(RPi) they will appear in the HomeKit environment. Other HomeKit posts on this Blogg If You also have Z-wave products there is a parallel solution found in this post and if You have both Z-wave and Telldus devices there is no problem. Telldus Znet: Med ett max intervall på max var 5:e minut skickas ett 433Mhz kommando (via Telldus Live och Telldus Znet) till en dörrklocka (som blinkar och inte låter i mitt fall). Vilket gör att man får en visuell feedback när en kamera har detekterat rörelse Reading device names and IDs from Telldus Live. The node will create one output message for each device in Telldus Live, as shown above. The same information is also written to the console log (easy to disable if it's too spammy). Code is found in the tellduslive-list-all-devices.js file over at GitHub

In Telldus Live! devices and sensors are separated and two separate things. In tellstick-server these are one object and all inherits telldus.Device. There is a convenience class telldus.Sensorthat sets some initial parameters for devices that only supports sensor-values. Method USB-stick radio frequency transmitter, For the moment the Telldus stick is only supported, More information here: www.telldus.se 2.3. A set of wall-plug socket receivers, self-learning or regular one homebridge-telldus is a plugin for homebridge which allows you to control cheap 433MHz devices like wireless light switches and dimmers from Apple's Home integration. This is done through Telldus Live, which provides a free service and API integration for people who bought their devices like TellStick Net and TellStick ZNet Lite.It provides a very cheap way to control your house with Siri.

Python plugins¶. Python plugins offers the most flexible way of extending the functionality of TellStick. To get started a development environment should first be setup on a computer running Linux or macOS Har nu flyttat modulen från Github till Powershell Gallery! Powershell Gallery. Har nu skapat en funktion för att ladda och spara behörigheter till Telldus Live automatiskt (Get-TDCredential) Nyhet * 2015-11-14 - Stöd för Telldus Live finns nu tack vare Anders på dollarunderscore Step 3 - Exchange the request token for an access token¶. When the user has authenticated the request token in step 2 the application needs to exchange this for an access token

Fetches sensor values from Telldus Live and forwards them to Graphite View project on GitHub. telldus2graphite. Fetches sensor values from Telldus Live and forwards them to Graphite. This page was generated by GitHub Pages using the Architect theme by Jason Long.. GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects Hi! There's a menu option in openhabian-config that allows you to install telldus-core. It has worked before (on Debian 9) but it fails on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS with the following message: The following packages have unmet dependencies: telldus-core : Depends: libconfuse1 (>= 3.0+dfsg~) but it is not installable The package telldus-core I fetched from deb https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com.

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Pebble app for Telldus Live! During the christmas holidays one of Telldus employees started a project to use his new Pebble smartwatch to control the lights from a TellStick Net. Currently it only supports on and off Telldus Today Athom prublished a specific app for Telldus devices (as Beta!) This discussion is started to centralize all Questions, Answers and Information around Telldus App for 433 MHz devices Links: Telldus Athom App; no public Github App repository; Supported devices. 312538 (Round Socket) PB-62D / 312717 (Contact sensor

If you are interested to contribute with Lua scripts, we're more than happy to receive pull requests. We might reward good contributions with free Premium voucher codes Intro¶. TellStick ZNet has a local REST interface to integrate into third party applications not running on the TellStick ZNet itself. A list of all available functions can be browsed on the device itself Homey app to read information from wireless weather sensors on 433 MHz. Various protocols (e.g. Alecto/Fine Offset, Auriol, Cresta/Hideki, LaCrosse, Oregon Scientific, UPM/Esic, etc.) can be decoded. One can create different types of weather sensors (temperature, temperature/humidity, anemometers, rain gauges, UV, barometers, brightness)

telldus.startup: This plugin will auto load on startup. Use this when it is important that the plugin is always loaded. telldus.plugins: This plugin will be loaded on-demand. This speeds up loading times and keep the memory footprint to a minimum NodOn - Remote Controls Add the device: Start add new Z-Wave device Wall Switch OctanRemote Soft Remote Press 1 & 2 until pink color Press • and + 1 sec Press • and + 1 se Sign in with GitHub Using Node-RED for publishing Telldus Live data to MQTT The code in this entry will retrieve sensor and device data from Telldus Live, and then output that same data in a structured way to MQTT topics of your choice Find the best open-source package for your project with Snyk Open Source Advisor. Explore over 1 million open source packages

Possibility to send sensor values to Telldus Live! from TelldusCenter More than one controller (TellStick/TellStick Duo) can be listed in the API ( #108 ) Max one callback/second is called for identical events ( #84 https://github.com/telldus/tellstick-lua-examples/blob/master/zwave/Philio/Siren.lua Telldus is marketed by Proove AB, Sweden www.proove.se • +46 (0)346 715600 facebook.com/telldus @telldus www.telldus.se GUID

Available on github: https://github.com/erijo/telldus-py So if you are a Python fan, go on and write applications for TellStick using your favourite language. Python for TellStic Telldus is marketed by Proove AB, Sweden www.proove.se • +46 (0)346 715600 facebook.com/telldus @telldus www.telldus.se GUID This is an openHAB binding for Tellstick devices produced by Telldus, a Swedish company based in Lund. The original Tellstick focused on controlling 433 MHz devices like switches, dimmers and reading sensors from different brands

I use org.openhab.binding.tellstick-2.4.-SNAPSHOT for a Telldus Live on openHAB 2.5.4-1. I have used for a year and its works OK but I get between 10 and almost 100 vent.ItemStateChangedEvent for each event, switches, sensors everythin Telldus är en trotjänare till smart hem-controller och har varit med länge. För många började smarta hem-resan precis här. Telldus Znet har stöd för både 433 MHz och Z-wave-enheter, och kan styra bland annat markiser, dörrlås och kulventiler Både Telldus och Domoticzs, som nämnts ovan, stödjer det på ett liknande sätt. Man kan bygga ihop sitt eget smarta hem, men det blir lätt begränsat och med låg säkerhet, dvs. att andra skulle kunna styra dom, endast få enheter kan kopplas ihop, fula användargränssnitt m.m. Jag är lite av en smarta hem nörd och tycker det är intressant hur dessa enkortsdatorer kan styra ett. Jag har precis införskaffat ett tellstick paket med massa eluttag och har även skapat massa scheman via telldus live hemsidan för att tända och släcka alla lampor vid solnedgång respektive soluppgång, och det fungerar klockrent Med Telldus Tellstick ZNet Lite v2 kan du styra belysning och annan elektronik i ditt hem genom mobiltelefon, dator eller surfplatta.TellStick ansluts till hemmets router och kan kommunicera både genom dubbelriktad Z-Wave och dubbelriktad 433 Mhz Local API let's you connect and fetch data directly from the Tellstick ZNet without going through Telldus Live, which can be a huge advantage as it.

Property Default Required Description; library_path No: Set to the local folder of the tellduscore.dll or tellduscore.so if you have trouble getting the telldus core library to work.: max_idle No: If you don't have a Tellstick Duo or the number of device events is less than 1 every 10 minutes you should increase this value to a higher number like 60000 Telldus Live Bridge - Telldus Cloud service, all devices with online access. telldus-live The attentive reader discovers that there is many missing sensor types; UV , Luminance , Dew point , Barometic pressure Rainrate , Raintotal , Winddirection , Windaverage and Windgust which is supported by the Tellstick devices So create a file called telldus.things (with the data you posted above - make sure you put your individual information for publickey, privatekey, token, and tokensecret) and place it in the directory path I just listed. You should then be able to go into PaperUI and see your device online if you have inserted the correct information, Squi I'm using https://github.com/mifi/telldus-api to control my Nexa/Telldus units with Node Red. Now I would like to read sensor data with the same library but are struggling with getting the data from a async function in the function node and return it in the payload

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  1. Read the Docs v: latest . Versions latest stable v1.3.1 v1.3.0 v1.2.0 v1.1.1 v1.1.0 v1.0.15 v1.0.14 v1.0.1
  2. Many people are sharing their config on github. If you only need simple things like lights on/off/dim, read some temperatures, etc. - Telldus or IKEA Trådfri is probably the best way to start, as it cheap, easy to use. Telldus is a bit more flexible than IKEA Trådfri
  3. Gårdsbelysning. Telldus utomhusbrytare med IP44-klassning. Parkopplades först med medföljande fjärrkontroll, och sedan kopierades fjärrkontrollens signal i appen KlikAanKlikUit. Frostvakt. Telldus temperaturmätare med IP44-klassning. Ansluten via appen Wireless Weather Sensors
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  1. telldus-watchdog Description Node module that can watch changes in the telldus live service and emit a event when the state (anly value) of a device has changed
  2. Didn't find any info on Telldus products (probably since they are sold mostly in Sweden/EU) They work with the Generic Z-Wave drivers, but didn't get power reporting with them, so Needed another driver. But I have had some success adapting this driver : Had to change some parameter settings etc. But it works fairly well, will probably tinker more before I Make a fork on github. (For an example.
  3. GitHub Pages. View the Project on GitHub ezand. View On GitHub; Welcome to ezand GitHub Pages. Javadocs telldus-core. 1.2 not released - (1.2-SNAPSHOT) 1.1 - (1.1-SNAPSHOT) 1.0 - (1.0-SNAPSHOT) telldus-jav
  4. There is no support for local access to Tellstick Net in the [telldus-core] [1] or [tellcore] [2] libraries. This Python implementation tries to fill the gap. Unfortunately, the [Protocol::decodeData method] [3] is not exposed in the telldus-core library, so the protocol parsing is reimplemented in Python. [1]: https://github
  5. It would appear telldus-core-js uses a native extension and it is having trouble building on your machine. Trying searching their documentation/forums for compatible compiler versions/architectures, and see if anyone mentions anything specific

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  1. https://github.com/yhaugom/com.telldus. If you didn't try it before, have a look here: https://developer.athom.com/docs/apps/tutorial-Getting%20Started.html. Skip step 4, just run or install my telldus app by following the instructions. Maxer Member
  2. tellcore.telldus (module)¶ This module provides a high level Python interface to Telldus' C API. Since most functions are Python-ified wrappers around the C API, please also refer to the Telldus Core documentation for further information.. The classes in this module all use the library.Library class under the hood, and thus also has e.g. automatic memory manangement, exceptions (library.
  3. Om nu någon skulle vara intresserad så är alla dessa plugin open source, så bara gå in på GitHub och hjälp till med utvecklingen om nåt inte funkar. Jag har hjälpt homebridge-telldusutvecklaren 'mifi' att inkludera stöd för vissa Oregon Scientifictermometrar som inte funkade och jag har även hjälpt utvecklaren av appen Homebridge till iOS att implementera homebridge-telldus för.

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Sign in with GitHub Listing all devices associated with a Telldus Live account This function node will connect to the Telldus Live service, and from there download a list of all devices available for the user credentials being used Systemd complains that telldus.service is marked as executable. I guess it would be cleaner to remove the executable flag from that file then. SciBoy commented on 2014-08-02 12:0 Med hjälp av vårat skript så går det att automatisera telldus som du kan läsa mer om här. Och teoretiskt så skulle du kunna skriva lite lua kod som gör att du kan trigga en 433 MHz enhet via en telldus när en scen exekveras på din Vera. Och du kan även läsa status av en tempgivare med samma teknik Telldus Live Gateway This bridge represents the telldus live cloud service. Status: UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR io/netty/handler/ssl/JdkSslContex GitHub Welcome About My gear My gear Table of contents. My usecases License Docker Docker Bluetooth tracker Deconz nginx and lets RFXtrx433E USB for 433MHz devices (works better than Telldus Duo) Aurel GP 433 external anthenna for RFXtrx sensitivity; Conbee usb stick for Zigbee and deconz; Razberry Z-wave.

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Jobbigt, eller hur? I vårt sortiment hittar du smarta ljuskällor från Smartline Flow som gör att du smidigt kan tända, släcka, dimra och schemalägga hemmets alla lampor direkt i mobilen. Lamporna styrs via Bluetooth och är i dagsläget helt fristående, men kommer att bli kompatibla med Telldus system så småningom Telldus Core Bridge - Oldest API, used by USB devices. telldus-core; Telldus Live Bridge - Telldus Cloud service, all devices with online access. telldus-live; Switchbased sensors workaround. Some 433MHz magnetic & PIR sensors, for example, magnetic door sensors, are detected as regular switch Things instead of type contact With the blueprint from vorion you can easily get started to create your own actionable notifications, give it a try. Read more about it on the community forum or install this automation in your instance with a click on the my button!. Google Home. Long ago it was possible to read the alarms and timers from your Google Home in Home Assistant, due to a change in the API this was unfortunately. Platform information: Hardware: MacMini Intel Solo i386 2 Gb RAM OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.-138-generic i686) Java Runtime Environment: java version 1.8.0_191 Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12) Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode) openHAB version: 2.3.0 stable Issue of the topic: I am trying to install telldus-core and telldusd using.

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class QueuedCallbackDispatcher (BaseCallbackDispatcher): The default callback dispatcher used by :class:`TelldusCore`. Queues callbacks that arrive from Telldus Core. Then calls them in the main thread (or more precise: the thread calling :func:`process_callback`) instead of the callback thread used by Telldus Core. This way the application using :class:`TelldusCore` don't have to do any. Telldus ZNet Lite v2 + högeffektiv antenn - StyraHe . GitHub - telldus/tellstick-lua-examples: Example lua ; Telldus V2 gör 433 MHz dubbelt så användbart - nytesta ; TellStick ZNet Lite V2 hos Loh Electronics A ; Telldus TellStick ZNet Lite v2 Z-Wave gateway Clas Ohlso ; Smarta hem - Tillbehör till Kjell ; The mavericks. Weihnachtsmarkt. GitHub - telldus/tellstick-duo: The firmware for Telldus foogadgets: 2014. Cannot read property 'v' of undefined? - Configuration Telldus Net Firmware. Telldus Net Firmware. RFLink: List of supported devices - Page 3 - Domoticz. dcollin (Daniel Collin) · GitHub. I have this error:ld: library not found for -lSystem. I read some pother post but I did not find any solution. I tried to re-install xcode but it did not work. I try to compile telldus-core for Big..

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GitHub och Azure Världens ledande utvecklingsplattform, sömlöst integrerad med Azure; Visual Studio-prenumerationer Få åtkomst till Visual Studio, Azure-krediter, Azure DevOps och många andra resurser för att skapa, distribuera och hantera program. Power Apps En kraftfull plattform med lite kod där du kan skapa appar snabb A Telldus contrib that adds three different nodes to your palette to either control or retreive information from your different z-wave devices, using the local API of Telldus z-wave v2. This package adds 3 nodes, a device node, a metric sensor node and a switch sensor node, together with a configuration node to share the configuration between all. telldus_twitter.py hosted with by GitHub. The class 'OAuthCredentials' contains the two key pairs (consumer and access). The function 'get_temperature' uses the 'tellive' library by listing all sensors and find the value of requested sensor So I started with Node and looked for a way to fetch data from my sensors on Telldus Live. A few nights later I had started two new repos on github: telldus2graphite and telldus-live-promise. Sensor data from Telldus Live can be fetched by calling the telldus2graphite Node script from a cron job Telldus hjälper dig att skaffa ett Smart Hem eller utöka ditt nuvarande smarta hem. Contribute to telldus/telldus development by creating an account on GitHub ; PriceRunner Plus erbjuder en generös köpgaranti upp till 50 000 kronor. Bli medlem idag


Har också provat med Telldus-vägguttag. De första 52 bitarna struntar mottagarna helt i! Förutom att de måste vara på formatet (x, NOT(x)) som redan beskrivits, så struntar mottagaren i dem. Jag kan 'lära upp' en mottagare att ta emot vilken kombination som helst, men originalsändaren som medföljde fungerar fortfarande också This module displays devices state (on/off) from your Telldus Live account. More information on github: https://github.com/kimlood/MMM-telldusLive It will display the.

control lights with raspberry pi + telldus + golang // goPi-Hat Home Automation - Raspberry Pi ForumsMikael Finstad
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