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prepared periodic updates (currently every two years) on world uranium resources, production and demand. Such updates have been published in what are commonly known as the Red Books. This 28 th edition features a comprehensive assessment of uranium supply and demand and projections through the year 2040 Rapid growth in uranium demand will lead to a need for additional mined uranium in the period to 2040 in all scenarios given in the latest edition of World Nuclear Association's fuel report. Projections for nuclear generating capacity growth have been revised upwards for the first time in eight years, following the introduction of more favourable policies in a number of countries The reference scenario of the 2019 edition of the World Nuclear Association's Nuclear Fuel Report shows a 26% increase in uranium demand over 2020-30 (for a 22% increase in reactor capacity - many new cores will be required) With a number of reactor construction projects recently approved, and many more planned, the demand for uranium is growing. This growth is largely occurring in Asia and the Middle East. Currently Under Constructio

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  1. Uranium Outlook 2021: Positive Fundamentals Point to Growth Georgia Williams — December 21, 2020 2020 was an eventful year for uranium, but what's th
  2. e production capability with anticipate
  3. But Kristoffer Inton, a Morningstar analyst, forecasts that global uranium demand will grow roughly 40% by 2025. Where will the supply come from? Here's a chart of the potential uranium supply-demand gap, from the World Nuclear Association, via uranium explorer and developer Deep Yellow Limited (OTCQX: DYLLF, Unrated)
  4. Uranium prices rebounded from an 11-month low of $27.6 touched in early March after President Joe Biden announced a plan for clean-energy infrastructure cementing a global trend towards energy and lower-carbon solutions. Historically, Uranium reached an all time high of 1349 in September of 2020

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As well as assessing uranium supply and demand in 2018, it includes projections to 2040. The report shows that global uranium resources have increased, but more modestly than in previous years As production declines, uranium demand remains relatively inelastic, says William Freebairn, senior managing editor at S&P Global Platts. The end-users are nuclear plants, which typically..

Uranium stocks have been on a strong upward trajectory since fall 2020. Now is the time to take advantage of the increasing demand for uranium and add uranium stocks to your portfolio. We've rounded up the best uranium stocks on the market right now Although the utility demand for uranium is increasing fast, utilities have put off buying the uranium they need. According to industry experts at UxC, cumulative uncovered uranium requirements are about 1.9 billion pounds to the end of 2035 Demand for uranium is slowly growing as new nuclear power plants come online. According to a 2019 WNA Nuclear Fuel Report, uranium demand from 2020 to 2030 will show a 26% increase in reactor capacity, mostly from new reactors with additional demand coming from Russia and China

As producers take steps to drive U 3 O 8 prices upward, examining the demand side of the U equation becomes critical. Many headlines would suggest that Uranium demand is slowing down or even shrinking with countries ending or planning to end their nuclear programs Uranium is the raw material used to produce fuel for long-lived nuclear power facilities, necessary for the generation of significant amounts of baseload low-carbon electricity for decades to come. Although a valuable commodity, declining market prices for uranium in recent years, driven by uncertainties concerning the evolution in the use of nuclear power, have led to significant production. Uranium's primary demand source is world electricity production. As the world economy and population grows, so does the need for electricity The uranium industry is lined up for the perfect storm, it's also one of the few commodities that are still substantially below their 2011 highs. TSX-V: URC.. As the largest consumer of global uranium production, the U.S. accounts for nearly 30% of worldwide demand. Very little of that uranium is sourced internally, as domestic producers simply don't have that kind of capacity. Last year, U.S. nuclear power plants got 90% of their uranium from foreign suppliers and only 10% from U.S. mines

In 2021, the demand of uranium in China was estimated to be over 10,000 metric tons Timothy Walsh has been studying the uranium market for years and sharing his findings with his growing twitter audience. He is an investor in the space and j.. Recent increases in uranium demand have sparked debate in Australia, pitting the mining industry and nuclear advocates against environmentalists and activists for indigenous land rights

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UEC's motivations for developing a stockpile are similar to Denison's reasons (to profit by selling into a stronger market and to give flexibility in negotiations with buyers when UEC starts producing uranium from its various mines at its central processing plant), plus one: to take full advantage of high demand for US uranium, stemming from the US government's move to create a USorigin. For uranium purchasers—principally utilities—demand is pretty inelastic (price-insensitive). Compared to other forms of electricity generation, the fuel (uranium) cost in a nuclear power plant vs. gas or coal in a thermal plant is much lower relative to the total cost of running the facility over its life

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The uranium market is emerging from years in the doldrums as the overhang from the nuclear disaster in Japan is cleared and global demand picks up steam. The spot price for U 3 O 8 moved above $30. Uranium fund Sachem Cove Partners' New York-based founder and Chief Investment Officer Mike Alkin was particularly excited by Biden's inclusion of the nuclear sector in his $2 trillion climate plan. This makes support for nuclear power a bipartisan issue for the first time since the 1970s, Alkin told Market Intelligence Den viktigaste användningen av uran är som bränsle i kärnkraftverk.Uran som ska användas i de flesta typer av kärnkraftverk isotopanrikas i en kostsam process [källa behövs] så att halten 235 U uppgår till omkring 3 %. Vissa speciella typer av kärnreaktorer, som de som används i atomubåtar, kräver 50-90 % eller mer 235 U (även kallat HEU, highly enriched uranium, höganrikat. McAlinden Research Partners comments on the uranium market, noting bullish trends given recent mine closures, shrinking supply and anticipated increases in demand from China. Summary: Uranium finally managed to break above the $30/pound mark this year amid news of permanent mine closures, an increase in spot market purchase activity, and a strong outlook for the future of China's nuclear.

The high expectations for the uranium market come amid gains in the wider mining and commodities sector with Mining.com proposing that a 'post-pandemic supercycle in commodities demand' had contributed to a new record high of $1.3 trillion market capitalisation for the world's 50 most valuable mining companies The standard uranium supply/demand models built by analysts assume smooth sailing for mine development activities, no uranium trade issues and steady as she goes in terms of geopolitics History shows us that things rarely go as planned which I believe further strengthens the bull case investing thesis for uranium to be rock solid commodity for investors this decade

The WNA states that there are 53 new reactors under construction, more than 100 reactors in the planning stage, and over 320 more in the proposal stage. With all of this in mind, it is not surprising that the most recent World Nuclear Association's Fuel Report shows a 26% increase in uranium demand over the next decade Published every other year, Uranium Resources, Production, and Demand, or the Red Book as it is commonly known, is jointly prepared by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is the recognised world reference on uranium and is based on official information received from 43 countries

The demand for nuclear power as well as the global supply of uranium often affects the price of the commodity. Its price is often inversely affected by changes in the demand for fossil fuels. Uranium Price. Uranium does not trade on an open market like other commodities. Buyers and sellers negotiate contracts privately. Prices are published by independent market consultants UxC, LLC (UxC) and TradeTech. UxC* $29.20 US$/lb April 19, 2021 TradeTech $30.25 US$/lb April 09, 202 Uranium market supply and demand update - Here's what to watch in the Uranium sector. Justin Huhn, Founder of the Uranium Insider joins me for a broad Uranium market update. I have him update us on the supply and demand aspects of the markets and outline the key news events to watch for the sector over the next couple weeks Many experts predict a sharp rise in uranium prices. For once, the supply of uranium does not meet demand. In 2020, global uranium production fell to 123 million pounds of uranium. That was the lowest level since 2008, but at the same time demand was around 180 million pounds of uranium. They closed.

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McAlinden Research Partners comments on the uranium market, noting bullish trends given recent mine closures, shrinking supply and anticipated increases in demand from China. read more > Blue Sky Uranium Advancing Ivana Deposit Toward Prefeasibility Study Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports (04/14/2021 BofA said the delays to planned nuclear plant closures in the United States could increase uranium demand projections by 26 million pounds a year — and this comes on top of existing concerns that uranium supply will be squeezed by 2023 as nuclear utilities are forced to replace existing supply contracts Imbalances between supply and demand of uranium significantly influence uranium spot prices. According to the Q1 2021 Outlook, it is projected that primary production and secondary supply will be sufficient to meet base case demand for U 3 O 8 through the mid 2020's, with significant supply deficits emerging later in the decade, contributing to upward price momentum

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The Red Book also provides projections for nuclear power generation uranium requirements through 2040, as well as a comprehensive assessment of the uranium supply and demand relationship. Depending on developments in the nuclear energy sector, reactor-related uranium requirements could range from 56 640 tU/yr in a low demand scenario to 100 224 tU/yr in a high demand scenario by 2040 placed on uranium resources, as it has been compiled, in major part, by a working party of uranium resources experts. However, it also covers, in lesser detail, the future growth of nuclear power and consequent demand for uranium. Long-term supply and demand fore-casts for other fuel cycle services are covered in a separate publication1 uranium — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! Supercycle - a term which is gaining popularity these days, applies to commodities. Basically what happens is surge in demand, which current supply struggles to cover, causes prices to sky-rocket from being under-valued to highly over-valued Uranium is the raw material used to produce fuel for long-lived nuclear power facilities, necessary for the generation of significant amounts of low-carbon electricity and other uses, such as heat and hydrogen production, for decades to come. Although a valuable commodity, major producing countries limited total production in recent years in response to a depressed uranium market

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Global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) grew from 110,000 in 2012 to 4.70 million in 2019. Additionally, the global fleet of EVs is expected to grow from 13 million in 2020 to over 127 million by 2030. This increase may increase demand for electricity which may spur increased demand for uranium The world demand for uranium in 1996 was over 68 kilotonnes (150 × 10 ^ 6 lb) per year, and that number had been expected to increase to between 80 kilotonnes (180 × 10 ^ 6 lb) and 100 kilotonnes (220 × 10 ^ 6 lb) per year by 2025 due to the number of new nuclear power plants coming on line. However following the shutdown of many nuclear power plants after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear. meet reactor uranium requirements (demand), and to characterize the level of confidence that can be placed in the projected supply. 2. ASSUMPTIONS OF DEMAND Three demand cases (low, middle and high) are considered, covering a broad range of assumptions as to worldwide economic growth and related growth in energy and nuclear power The price of uranium is likely to be influenced heavily by trends in nuclear power usage for electricity generation. The World Nuclear Association projects a 30% increase in electricity generation from nuclear power by 2030 and a 35% increase by 2035. These trends bode well for uranium prices. Emerging Market Energy Demand Western Uranium & Vanadium (WSTRF) is well poised to benefit from rising demand for uranium and, perhaps, vanadium

These include strengthening uranium supply and demand fundamentals that have seen an accelerated rebalancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing realization of grid reliability issues. Uranium's future demand growth is hard to predict, but a couple of years' worth of supply discipline has provided reason for optimism

In the past few weeks there have been big moves in the uranium sector. Miners and holding companies are buying up physical pounds, nuclear power capacity and thus demand is growing at a steady rate globally, inventories are being worked down and that 31% annual demand contracting over the past decade is coming due for utilities as we speak The uranium industry is setting up for an accelerated rise in prices with a supply deficit looming and demand growing as governments target 'cleaner and greener' energy sources - a sector in which nuclear power didn't seem to be considered until now Gitzel said Chinese uranium demand will be a major, if unpredictable, driver in uranium demand. In 2003-2007, as China embarked on a major nuclear reactor construction programme,. Uranium Demand. Near-term demand for uranium was dented by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, but the medium- and long-term outlook for uranium prices remains strong thanks to a steady stream of refurbishment projects and new build announcements have jointly prepared periodic updates (currently every two years) on world uranium resources, production and demand. These updates have been published by the OECD/NEA in what is commonly known as the Red Book. This 24: th: edition of the Red Book reflects information current as of 1 January 2011

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  2. g online and it's a perfect setup for the best uranium stocks. The companies below focus on
  3. The demand for cleaner fuel alternatives is on the rise. As one of the world's most abundant metals, uranium is a popular choice. A single pellet of uranium produces the same amount of electricity as: One ton of coal Three barrels of oil 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas Uses for Uranium Once uranium is depleted for energy use, it's reusable for other applications since it's less radioactive.
  4. Uranium producer Cameco Corporation (NYSE: CCJ) stock has been breaking out through multi-year highs on the renewed interest in clean energy spurring uranium demand. Uranium is used to fuel nuclear power plants that provide 20% of the electricity and up to 55% of all clean energy in the U.S
  5. With 50 new nuclear power plants under construction around the world already, and more on the way, demand for uranium is predicted to rise over time. Meanwhile,.
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Uranium, Explained. Nuclear power is a clean, efficient, and essential source of electricity used to meet the world's growing energy demands. Nuclear power can produce electricity at a greater scale while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions In our low-case we see global uranium needs having already peaked in the early 2000s, with demand plateauing for the next two decades. Growth in China, India, Latam and the Middle East is expected to be more than offset by declining demand in the traditional markets. However, in our green case, the demand peak would not occur until the late 2030s As much as any natural resource, uranium has a clear path to much greater demand over the next 15 years. However, that demand will not be satisfied with spot prices under $20 per pound. It costs the mining industry more than that to get it out of the ground. Either the price of uranium will go up or the lights will go out. (5 minute read)

This supply and demand crunch comes at a crucial tipping point where most of the major buyers of uranium powder are moving away from long term supply contracts to buying more from the spot market. According to one estimate by 2025 over a third of demand will not be covered by long-term contracts increasing to 55% by 2027 The leading authority in Uranium market news, analysis, & identifying the best companies in the space. Investing in the best uranium miners offers contrarian investors enormous leverage to the price of uranium The demand for uranium comes from one source - nuclear power plants, which generate ~10% of the world's electricity, and show consistent and steadily increasing demand Total world uranium production is estimated at about 170 million pounds in 2020, while demand from existing nuclear power plants is already higher at 200 million pounds, according to a Marenica Energy presentation


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  1. The uranium demand reaction to price fluctuations is inelastic. It is, however, elastic with respect to nuclear installed capacity and nuclear electric consumption fluctuations. For the pre-1990 time period, i.e. nuclear slow growth period, uranium demand was mainly inelastically depending on nuclear electric consumption and electricity prices
  2. TradeTech - the leading independent provider of uranium prices and nuclear fuel market information - consulting and supply/demand analysis. We provide weekly and monthly price indicators that are widely referenced as settlement prices for long-term contract deliveries of: - Uranium (yellowcake or U3O8) - Uranium hexafluoride (UF6) conversion, an
  3. Specifically, a Bank of America analyst estimated that a delay in plant closures could add 26 million pounds to 2021-2030 uranium demand, thanks to President Biden's green-power initiatives. That's just a 2% increase, but it matters, mainly because it would place increased pressure on utilities to move forward with new contracting
  4. So, doing the sums, it works out something like this: Annual demand from the worlds 440 nuclear reactors is about 175 to 180 million pounds per year but global production is running at around 150 million pounds according to uranium Insider and is even lower now due to Covid curtailments according to 13D
  5. a) Annual demand rise from +-190 million pounds U3O8 in 2019 to 220 million pounds in 2030; https://i.redd.it/zqo99gprj0r61.png (Note: this picture is from the WNA report before the COVID 19 supply losses in 2020 and 2021

Estimates of uranium reserves as of end of year; Uranium production; Annual; Release date: May 16, 2019 | Data from: Domestic Uranium Production Report - Annual; Summary uranium production data, back to 1993; Available formats: PDF XLS; U.S. uranium mills by owner, capacity, and operating status; Available formats: PDF XL In 1950s and 1960s the demand for uranium in the world was dominated by military requirements and the US government was the biggest buyer. In 1960, uranium production for the Western world peaked and then fell back until the mid-1960s. During this period, an increasing number of civilian reactors began to come online, driving up demand The demand for energy is increasing in the present moment through the reduction in fossil fuel reliance and powering the electric vehicle revolution. While the industry is confident in the long-term fundamentals of uranium and nuclear power, there is less certainty in the short term

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URANIUM DEMAND: CRITERIA FOR FORECASTING. Full Record; Other Related Research; Authors: Sherman, J T Publication Date: Mon Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1968 Research Org.: Atomic Industrial Forum, New York OSTI Identifier: 4506219 NSA Number: NSA-22-032832 Resource Type: Journal Articl During a webinar hosted by Africa Mining Forum on February 25, Canada-listed GoviEx Uranium CEO Daniel Major said uranium is poised for significant demand growth and a potential bull market this year During 2020, COVID-19 significantly decreased uranium supply quantities resulting in an increased uranium spot price above $30 per pound.Global Uranium Demand Fundamentals Continue to. These events, the low supply and the increasing demand led to a real deficit in the uranium market from 2020 onwards, as we have not been able to observe before. In addition, there are numerous other reasons, that suggest that the coming bull market will be stronger than that of 2007/08: · The uranium price is below the manufacturing costs

Long-term electricity demands, coupled with plans for reactor construction, are the key indicators for future uranium demand. Increased demand for energy, primarily in the form of electricity, is being driven by growing economies in non-OECD countries and the increased electrification of OECD economies, with increased demand expected to come from electric vehicles (EVs) With 50 new nuclear power plants under construction around the world already, and more on the way, demand for uranium is predicted to rise over time URANIUM DEMAND AND SUPPLY. Full Record; Other Related Research; Authors: Gelin, R Publication Date: Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1970 Research Org.: Aktiebolaget Atomenergi, Stockholm (Sweden) OSTI Identifier: 4013581 Report Number(s): CONF-700903-16 NSA Number: NSA-25-026396 Resource Type

Uranium Production Cost Study Pinning Down Production Costs. Given the move toward cleaner energy, reduced carbon emissions, and more secure long-term energy sources, uranium supply is becoming more important to utilities worldwide. Currently, in UxC's Base demand case, uranium demand is projected to increase by 8% through 2035 A Joint Report by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency Uranium 2014:ranium 2014 A little over 20 million pounds of uranium per year will be required to meet the new global reactor demand by 2030. And the beauty of spreadsheets is that we can overlay the global uranium reductions to global demand increases. Below you'll see what you get per year in net change uranium demand through a worst-case scenario, up to 2030 Moreover, Macpherson notes that starting in 2022, 37% of U.S uranium requirements are uncovered (which equates to 17 million pounds or 9% of global demand), with typical delivery on long-term contracts being - usually two years. This trend suggests that

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Growing demand outweighs supply. Regarding the current status quo of the uranium market, Major explained that the sector is turning the corner from a bad market brought on by the Fukushima disaster. We saw a significant collapse in demand, however, demand for uranium is now back to levels before Fukushima The Uranium Energy Corporation estimates that in 2021 global demand for uranium was 175 million lbs, while production reached 128 million, implying a gap of 47 million lbs of U3O8 for 2021 alone The increasing demand for uranium coupled with dwindling supplies presents traders with several investing opportunities. Uranium is a heavy metal that, after being enriched, powers nuclear. Uranium resources, production, and demand : a joint report. Responsibility. by the European Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Imprint. Paris, France : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1970-. Physical description Nuclear Revival Sparks Cameco Rally as Uranium Demand Is Growing Christopher Donville August 13, 2015, 12:00 AM EDT Updated on August 13, 2015, 9:09 AM ED

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Demand. Demand for uranium began with the initiation in 1942 of an Allied nuclear-weapons program, the Manhattan Project. Major uranium-producing industries were developed in the early 1950s, principally in the US, Canada and South Africa the results of a thorough review of world uranium supplies and demand as of 1 January 2003 based on official information received from 43 countries. Uranium 2003: Resources, Production and Demandpaints a statistical profile of the world uranium industry in the areas of exploration, resource estimates, production and reactor-related requirements

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Global demand from power companies for uranium is expected to be around 163 million pounds this year. Uranium prices, now around $30 a pound, have been weak in recent years amid stagnant global. Uranium stocks have been rising since November 2020 and are now very clearly in a strong bull run. We asked some of our InvestorIntel team members and experts about what's their view as to why uranium stocks are booming. So, we know the demand is there and it continues to grow,. Uranium Demand - Uranium Production = 30M lbs. to 50M lbs. + (estimate) U.S. Government Catalyzing the American Nuclear Fuel Cycle 11 . TRUMP ADMINISTRATION (2017 - 2021). So long story short, a LOT of uranium production, present and future, got destroyed by the pandemic. Some mines were able to store more tonnage in above-ground reserves, but make no mistake, overall supply going forward has taken a nose-dive. Increased demand, and lowered supply According to Bank of America, demand for uranium could reach highs of 26 million pounds in the US, postponing its aging nuclear plants' closure. Denison Mines is well-positioned to benefit from any spike in uranium demand backed by its flagship Wheeler River project

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Uniquely Positioned For US Uranium Demand & The WA Gold Boom GTI Resources updates on gold and uranium exploration plans Bruce Lane caught up with Proactive's Andrew Scott after receiving an independent WAMEX compilation report from CSA Global assessing the historical gold production and exploration activity at newly granted prospecting licences within the Niagara gold district in Western Australia Uranium-235, which is fissile, would need to be separated from the much more common isotope uranium-238. Uranium could also be transformed into plutonium in a nuclear reactor. The demand for uranium mining and men to work those mines skyrocketed in the early days of the Manhattan Project, and would become one of its enduring legacies. Uranium. Uranium demand to rocket CLIMATE change concerns could drive unbelievable demand for uranium in the future, says Energy Resources of Australia chief executive Chris Salisbury. Mr Salisbury said there was a lot of attention placed on greenhouse gas emissions and how the world was preparing for future energy demands

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Included in President Biden's plan is the use of small modular reactors and micro-reactors that could also increase demand for uranium. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), uranium power generates 20% of the United States' electricity production and almost 100% of the uranium is imported creating a potential national security issue The other two operating uranium mines in Australia are the Ranger mine east of Darwin in the Northern Territory and the Beverley-Four Mile project, in the north-east of SA. The 2019 edition of the association's Nuclear Fuel Report forecasts a 26 per cent increase in uranium demand between 2020 and 2030 V.EU Announces Strategic Acquisition of Physical Uranium U.UEC Expands Physical Uranium Initiative to Purchase 2.1 Million Pounds U3O8 and Announces Financing T.DML Announces Successful Procurement of 2.5 Million Lbs U3O8 as Part of Project Finance Initiativ

Annual global demand for uranium is 150m pounds, 85 per cent of which is met through long-term supply contracts between producers such as Cameco, Kazatomprom and utilities The uranium market is burning through excess uranium supply, mostly coming from the spot market. Within the next 2.5 years, it is highly likely demand for uranium will outstrip supply. To secure supply, utilities need to contract uranium at higher prices than the current price Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE American: UEC) Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE American: UEC) is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company that controls one of the country's largest historical uranium exploration and development databases.Founded in 2003, UEC is headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas. Properties acquired by the company are primarily located within the United States.

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