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How To Fix iOS 12 Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Issues Easil

To fix the iOS 12 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues, all you need to do is reset your iPhone's Network Settings. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You will be asked to enter your passcode and confirm You opened Settings -> Wi-Fi to see what's happening, and discovered that that the Wi-Fi button is grayed out and you can't turn it back on. If the Bluetooth on your iPhone is showing the spinning wheel in Settings -> Bluetooth and won't detect any devices, the suggestions in this article might fix that problem as well

Try a hard reset.....hold the sleep(power) button and the home button at the same time....continue to hold until you see the Apple logo...then release the buttons. Additionally, you can try turning OFF both WiFi and Bluetooth...then turning them both ON. If you still have a problem, call Apple Support Turn Bluetooth Off In Control Center Swipe up from below the bottom of the screen of your iPhone to open Control Center. Tap the Bluetooth icon, which looks like a B. You'll know Bluetooth is off when the icon is black inside of a gray circle If you've tried all the software options available and you still can't connect to any Wi-Fi network, your iPhone or iPad may have a hardware issue. Wi-Fi chip or antenna failure is rare, but it can happen — and the only way to fix it is to visit your local Apple Store or Apple Authorized Repair Shop. How to get help for your iPhone or iPa

My WiFi was greyed out and my Bluetooth was also not working on my iPhone 6 so I replaced the WiFi antenna flex cable and then my WiFi and Bluetooth both started working. This seems to be a pretty common problem but nearly all of the youtube videos and websites are rubbish. iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement I updated my iPhone 6 this weekend and did not back it up before doing so. I now notice that my WiFi and Bluetooth are off and not working! I can't turn the back on. I reset the phone, I even reset all the network settings, but can not turn them on. I also noticed that I am not getting text an emails as quick You can also fix this problem by resetting your network settings, and this technique is very helpful and can be used to solve other iPhone Wi-Fi problems also. To start with, visit Settings on your iPhone and select General, then Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings as shown below Your camera was rocked pretty heavily; if your lucky the connector was not damaged. This probably requires either a new camera or micro soldering repair to the connector (or both). You also need to repair the WLAN IC. This also requires a micro soldering repair. Look for a repair shop that offers 6 months warranty. This is not a DIY repair

Why Is Wi-Fi Grayed Out On My iPhone? Here's The Real Fix

iOS 11.4 - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth no longer - Apple Communit

  1. Greyed out Wi-Fi on other iPhones. Since this problem first emerged, other iPhone models have reportedly had the same problem, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X ranges, and two potential causes have been highlighted by users. One cause seems to be software updates, just as it was with the iPhone 4S
  2. This works on all IOS software.#FixWifi #FixBluetoothissues #Trendin
  3. If you're connecting to the Internet via WiFi on your iPhone, the WiFi switch sometimes might not be working. Either the button is greyed out or you can't activate / deactivate the toggle. Another WiFi issue appears when your iPhone can't connect to any WiFi network, or the WiFi hotspot doesn't work
  4. e if that's the case, and to get it fixed, is to make an appointment with the Genius Bar at your local Apple store and have them check out your phone
  5. Fix Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth Connectivity in iOS 8 Here's a couple of things you can try if you're unable to connect to a local Wi-Fi network or the connection keeps dropping out
  6. If your iPhone won't connect to Bluetooth devices, don't worry, because there are plenty of effective solutions you can try to fix the problem. Bluetooth issues are common, and the question is, what is causing them?Some of the reasons why an iPhone can't pair with Bluetooth speakers, Apple Watch, or other devices is a software glitch or the issue with a Bluetooth device

While facing the 'Bluetooth not working on iPhone X and iPhone 8', you could attempt to fix this problem by overlooking the Bluetooth device that simply cannot be connected. Proceeding from there, reconnect it once more, and the issue will be removed in all probability Resetting the network settings may fix your problem of Bluetooth not working on iPhone X, but it will erase all your network settings including the Wi-Fi password. Settings > General > Reset > select Reset network settings > enter your passcode > tap Reset network settings. Tip 6. Visit An Apple Store Your iPhone 8 Plus can only connect to other Bluetooth devices when Bluetooth is turned on. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth and turn on the switch next to Bluetooth at the top of the menu. Your iPhone also needs to be in range of your Bluetooth device before they can connect However, before you go further to handle the issue, some preliminary steps are required, on how to fix common iPhone Bluetooth not working issues, like:A. Make sure that your phone is near to the Bluetooth device.B. Check that the Bluetooth device is ON and charged.Now that you are ready, let's see what you should do to easily resolve the. If Bluetooth is not working on iPhone, you won't be able to use AirDrop or connect iPhone to AirPods, Wireless speakers, Apple Watch and other Bluetooth enabled devices.. Bluetooth Problems on iPhone. iPhone makes use of Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly with nearby devices like Headphones, Apple Watch and Mac

This article explains how to fix an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) when it's Bluetooth feature won't turn on. There can be a few things that can cause this. Follow these troubleshooting steps: It is important that you fix this problem. You will not be able to pair or connect your Bluetooth device to your iPhone or iPad until it is fixed The reason behind iPhone WiFi switch not working The exact cause of iPhone WiFi switch being greyed out is not fully known but is well-documented. There are rumors that the issue is related to iOS 6 and the power-management optimizations introduced with this firmware version. iOS 6 is designed to save energy by turning off any hardware elements which are not currently being used on the iPhone iPhone bluetooth and wifi not working repair. Even though we have already write a blog on iPhone bluetooth and wifi not working repair but that was on an older iPhone 4. There are newer iPhone having same problem and most commonly on iPhone 6 Enable GPS and Location access. Uninstall third-party apps linked to WiFi o Bluetooth. Factory reset: Factory resetting an Android smartphone will take it back to the first day you bought it. The WiFi and Bluetooth should be working perfectly after factory resetting

My iPhone Won't Connect To Bluetooth! Here's The Real Fix

When you try to access Bluetooth on the iPhone via Settings > Bluetooth, it is inaccessible and there is a spinning wheel instead of a switch to turn ON or OFF . How to fix a disabled iPhone WiFi switch? There are at least two ways which have proven to fix the issue. The first method is to use the iPhone's settings as described below Now moving on to the subject, if you're having issues with WiFi or Bluetooth after installing iOS 12 then here is an easy way to fix it. Moreover, these sort of issues is quite common, so no need.. Remove the USB cable from your iPhone to unplug it from your computer. Do NOT wipe the iPhone yet. Run Decipher Backup Repair, select My wifi and/or bluetooth won't turn on. Click next, and select the backup you just made Reset Your Device. If all the above methods cannot help you fix the iOS 14 WiFi not working problem, the last option is to erase and restore your iPhone. Go to Settings > Tap General > Tap Reset > Tap Erase All Content and Settings to make it. Please be aware that it will erase all content and settings of your device Restarting your iPhone often solves its problems. If that doesn't work, you can force restart your iPhone as a last resort. Reset iPhone network settings. If one of the Wi-Fi settings is corrupted, it could prevent you from connecting to Wi-Fi

Unable To Turn Bluetooth On. Before you do anything, make sure that your iPad or iPhone is running the latest version of the iOS or iPadOS software. You can go to Settings > General and Software Update to check for updates. And if there is an update available, update your device. Please try the tips below Bluetooth just shows up as a spinning circle in iPhone settings, while the Wi-Fi toggle is greyed out. iOS 13.4.1 was released one week ago. Watch the Latest Apple Technology News Below Without working Bluetooth on his iPhone, Joel cannot use his AirPods or Apple Watch, as both rely on Bluetooth connections to connect to his phone Allow iPhone to completely Power OFF > Wait for 30 seconds and then Restart iPhone by pressing the Power Button. 3. Restart Modem/Router. If you notice that iPhone is not connecting to your WiFi network or the connection is dropping off, the problem might be due to Modem/Router

iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.5. Description of problem: While at home, I noticed my phone wasn't connected to my wifi. Since my iPad, Mac, and Apple TV were all working I assume the issue was my phone. I restarted it. Reset the network settings, toggled airplane mode on and off. Still can't connect to home wifi. I leave the issue be for the night Connecting to an Axon Body 2 or Axon Flex 2 with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Ensure that the Axon Body 2 camera or Axon Flex 2 controller is turned on. On the mobile device, verify that (Bluetooth) is enabled. If not, enable Bluetooth on your device. Open the Axon View app. Under Camera, tap the Axon camera model shown

Go to Settings > Choose General > Reset > click Reset Network Settings > Turn off WiFi network > Turn off iPhone > reboot iPhone and WiFi network to see whether your iPhone connects to WiFi again or not I've searched around the Apple recommendations and followed protocols however these haven't fixed anything. My iPhone 6+ is updated to iOS 12.5.2 Bluetooth is greyed out and WiFi hasn't been on in weeks and Is costing me more money in data. It's not affordable

Wi-Fi not working on your iPhone or iPad? Here's the fix

  1. If you are having issues with Bluetooth, try following tips to resolve your issue: Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on (Settings > Bluetooth). Before you can use a Bluetooth accessory with your iPad, iPod or iPhone device, you need to pair it
  2. The problem related to Wi-Fi is quite annoying and is a common problem confronted by many of the iPhone users. Be it the Wi-Fi not working on iPhone, or Wi-Fi connectivity problem, or Wi-Fi settings getting greyed out, or low-speed connection, etc. iPhone users are faced with quite the trouble
  3. In fact, Bluetooth issues of iPhone come over and over again through this years of iOS update. Luckily, in the following content we will help you to fix this Bluetooth not available problem on iOS 14. 1. Restart iPhone Bluetooth. Go to: Settings > Bluetooth and turn the service off
  4. To hard reset iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone X, Xs or Xs Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max: Press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button. Then, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen

SOLVED: Wifi / bluetooth greyed out iPhone 6 - iPhone 6

  1. iPhone 6 is one of the most popular Apple phones available in the market and has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. However, the iPhone 6s wifi problem has caused various concerns among users. This is particularly a result of the IOS 8.0 operating system used in the device. The OS has experienced problems connecting to wifi networks
  2. To turn on Bluetooth on iPhone, tap Settings, tap Bluetooth, and then turn on Bluetooth. On an Android device, tap Settings, and then tap toggle button next to Bluetooth to turn it on/off. Step 2: On your Windows 10 PC, open Settings app. Navigate to Devices > Bluetooth
  3. When your iPhone 6 is not connecting to WiFi, the problem is usually software-related and doesn't require a physical repair. However, there is a small chance that the antenna which connects your iPhone to WiFi (and Bluetooth) is broken and needs to be fixed
  4. The wifi on my new Hero 9 black is not working (I am unable to see it in my wifi list) I have tried: restarting camera; resetting connections; resetting the complete camera and tried both 5Ghz and 2.3Ghz wifi signals. I am trying to connect to an iPhoneX (turned off wifi on this and gone to airpla..

If the previous method to fox Bluetooth issue on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 did not work on your iPhone or iPad, you should try forgetting the device and then pair it again. Here's how you can forget. One of the most repeated complaints in the forums of all brands of Android phones and even iPhone are complaints about WiFi speed in a timely manner, a complaint that is accompanied in most cases by the bluetooth connection. The relationship between these two communication systems is very close and is behind that problem that we encounter when the speed at which we navigate decreases Before troubleshooting to the iPhone Bluetooth not working errors, here are some must-do preparations: 1. A prerequisite to avoid iPhone Bluetooth failure is to make sure to turn off/on Bluetooth or check if the Bluetooth icon is highlighted in blue. 2

iPhone 6 Wifi and Blutooth not working af - Apple Communit

If you are unsure about your connectivity, switch off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and restart them. Log out of your Wi-Fi account and Log In again. This will help to refresh their performance, and the Airdrop will be detected easily. Visibility and unlock - Restart. Set the visibility of the iPhone right, and several issues will be solved Below we've listed some ways to help troubleshoot an iPhone wifi not working; Restart your Wifi Router As with iPhones, Wi-Fi routers can also suffer from software flaws. If you haven't tried this already, turn your Wi-Fi router on and off. Simply unplug the power cord, wait a couple of seconds then plug it back in Some users successfully connect, but the connection keeps dropping. Also, the connection can be pretty slow at times. Here, we are going to list the solutions for all iPhone Wi-Fi issues, including Wi-Fi grayed out, and no connection after the iOS update.. See also: How To Fix iPhone Won't Charge People complained about an unstable Wi-Fi connection or the fact they were not able to connect. That's how to reset iPhone Bluetooth settings. I hope it can help you. Part 2: Why My iPhone Bluetooth Not Working? Why won't my Bluetooth connect? Bluetooth depends on both your device and the software to work properly. So if your phone and your Bluetooth are not on the same page, they won't be able to connect with each other Many iPhone users including those with iPhone SE 2 users complained Wi-Fi connection that suddenly becomes unstable or keeps dropping. Firstly, try to restart your wireless router. If it doesn't work, follow tips below to have a quick fix. Quick Fixes: Force Restart. Turn Wi-Fi off and then back on. Forget Wi-Fi network then reconnect. Reset network settings. Factory reset your iPhone S

On your iOS devices, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and back on. On your Mac, click the in the menu bar, then turn Bluetooth off and back on. On your PC, choose Settings, click the, then turn Bluetooth off and back on. If you still can't connect, follow these steps Wi-fi Problems iPhone 4 Network not found. Router not found. Data packets not transferring. Wi-Fi keeps on disconnecting. Weak signals. Manual Solution Remove and reinsert battery and check. Toggle between WI-Fi ON & OFF settings. Reset Router. Software Update. Factory reset. Hardware Solution iPhone 4 Wifi Antenna Clean Wi-Fi antenna contact At times, it even becomes impossible for your device to join a WiFi network. Thankfully, we have come up with some tested solutions to fix the WiFi not working issue on iPhone running iOS 14 or 13. Check the Router; Turn Off Wi-Fi and Reconnect; Enable and Disable Airplane Mode; Restart Your iPhone; Forget the Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin; Turn Off VP Therefore, Bluetooth is the only thing that keeps the connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch stable. If Bluetooth Is Not Working on Your Apple Watch. While Wi-Fi can be limited in certain areas, Bluetooth is accessible everywhere

Top 5 iPhone WIFI Not Working Problems and How To Fix Them

9 Common Tips to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Working After iOS 11 Update. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone and the device you want to pair with. Just go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make your iPhone and Bluetooth device is close to each other. But don't stay too close to a Wi-Fi rooter cause it may cause Bluetooth interference. Try. After a windows 10 update wireless and bluetooth are not available. I can access with an ethernet cable but am not getting the option to connect via wireless. If I try to access network and internet setting wireless is not an option. If I look at my device drivers bluetooth doesn't show up. If I.. All, I found that blue tooth worked fine for about 2-3 days using the procedure outlined by @ marcusjuselius above. BAD NEWS: It then stopped working and now the blue tooth does not connect per my settings on my iPhone. GOOD NEWS The synching does actually work successfully using the WiFi link.This is my assumption because according to me iPhone settings the blue tooth connection is not working

Step 6: Pair your iPhone again with the same device to see if this solution works. 7 th Solution: Reset your Phone's Settings. Special Note: When you do this, all the saved Wi-Fi passwords, previously connected Bluetooth devices, APNs, and VPNs, will be deleted. Step 1: Go to your phone's Settings Pros and Cons of Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to Connect to Your iPhone's Personal Hotspot. Now that we've seen how to connect to your iPhone's Personal Hotspot wirelessly, you might be. BLU Phone Not Connecting to WiFi - Problem Issues. Are you facing the issue of BLU phone won't connect to Wi-Fi i.e., you are having connectivity issues? Wi-Fi not being connected is, unfortunately, the most common problem faced by smartphone users. Here is the quick guide and how to fix Wi-Fi issues The latest iPhone software update (iOS 13, released on the 19th of September) impacts the Bluetooth® connectivity of Wi-Fi® devices. This prevents you from using features such as Siri, Hands-Free Calling and TomTom MyDrive. TomTom Traffic and Speed Camera Alerts might also be affected Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working after Windows 10 May 2019 Update? Here's how to fix it. by Nick Heath in Software on May 28, 2019, 4:48 AM PST After installing.

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SOLVED: Wifi, Bluetooth, and camera don't work

Learn 16 Effective Solutions To Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Discovering or Finding Devices! You have your headphones, car infotainment system, PC, Mac, Alexa speakers, Bose headphones or speaker nearby and you find at the moment that you try to connect your iPhone to Bluetooth, but you find that your iPhone does not discover the devices and hence you can't connect your iPhone to Bluetooth devices No networks or wifi to connect to, just this. As you can see, airplane mode is grayed out. When I go to my settings, there are bluetooth settings but if I try to connect to any device it simply says bluetooth is not enabled, however the button to switch bluetooth on and off is also missing On iPhone, you can swipe up to open Control Centre to toggle the connection. And if your iPhone has the 3D feature, force touch the settings icon to switch the Wi-Fi on or off. 2. Pair iPhone and Mac with Bluetooth. Similar to Wi-Fi, you need to switch on Bluetooth and pair the devices for using continuity camera feature In this blog post, we are set to deal with the 'Bluetooth not working on iPhone X' issue in easy to use steps, along with a good program

My wifi was working fine up until yesterday afternoon when I tried to reconnect it and it wouldn't.. I then left my home to a shopping centre where I usually get wifi and it wouldn't work there either. I tried turning off my phone and turning it back on and it still won't work.. My Bluetooth also isn't working, it just has that loading circle symbol next to it Step 3: Switch the Bluetooth option to on and wait for the Bluetooth to connect. Way 2. Check the Wi-Fi Connection . Another reason why your Bluetooth may not be working is the Wi-Fi connection. If the Wi-Fi connection is not turned on or is experiencing problems, this can cause issues with the Bluetooth connection

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Wifi Not Working on the iPhone XR - What to Do. Posted by Arch on November 12, 2018 . Something about your iPhone's Wi-Fi settings might be causing the problem. 1. Go into Settings 2. Tap on Wi-Fi. There's a green toggle showing whether you're connected to the network Now that the Raspberry Pi 3 comes with Bluetooth and WiFi built-in, people (including me) were excited at the increased flexibility this offers. I was already thinking about using the Pi 3 in my Raspberry PiStation build so that I could do away with the extra dongles. Setting up the WiFi was straight forward - [ First, ensure the Bluetooth device and your iPhone are nearby. Apple recommends that both devices be within a 10 meter (~33 feet) distance or less. Secondly, check that AirPlane mode is disabled on..

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Common networking issues with your iPhone or iPad could also likely be the reason why you're unable to connect one of your Bluetooth devices. However, this can be easily resolved by resetting your network settings. Be mindful that you'll lose your saved Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi networks and passwords once you reset these settings The latest iPhone software update (iOS 13, released on the 19th of September) impacts the Bluetooth connectivity of Wi-Fi devices. This prevents you from using features such as Siri, Hands-Free Calling and TomTom MyDrive. TomTom Traffic and Speed Camera Alerts might also be affected If your iPhone won't connect to Bluetooth, there are a number of ways to troubleshoot your issue. Here are the six best methods Method #2: Forget Bluetooth Device On your iPhone X, go to Settings, and open the Bluetooth Tap on the i icon next to the device you have connectivity problems with. Tap on Forget This Device, and confirm your decision once again. Now, pair your iPhone X with the Bluetooth device Check if the.

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