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Country calling codes or country dial-in codes are telephone number prefixes for reaching telephone subscribers in the networks of the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The codes are defined by the ITU-T in standards E.123 and E.164.The prefixes enable international direct dialing (IDD), and are also referred to as international subscriber dialing. COUNTRY COUNTRY CODE ISO CODES Afghanistan: 93: AF / AFG: Albania: 355: AL / ALB: Algeria:.

The telephone country code for Zimbabwe is +263. The area code for Filabusi is 017, or +263 17 in international format Country Alpha-2 code Alpha-3 code Numeric; Afghanistan: AF: AFG: 004: Åland Islands: AX: ALA: 248: Albania: AL: ALB: 008: Algeria: DZ: DZA: 012: American Samoa: AS: ASM: 016: Andorra: AD: AND: 020: Angola: AO: AGO: 024: Anguilla: AI: AIA: 660: Antarctica: AQ: ATA: 010: Antigua and Barbuda: AG: ATG: 028: Argentina: AR: ARG: 032: Armenia: AM: ARM: 051: Aruba: AW: ABW: 533: Australia: AU: AUS: 036: Austria: AT: AUT: 040: Azerbaijan: AZ: AZE: 031: Bahamas (the) BS: BHS: 044: Bahrain: BH: BH An additional digit has been added to the code of every carrier. Making a single code per carrier, after each carrier had to have multiple codes. And making the NSN 10 digits after it was 9. Dialing format inside Egypt is 01X XXXX XXXX, International format is +20 1X XXXX XXXX; 11: Etisalat: 12: Orange Egypt: El Salvador +503: 6: Mobile codes: 17, 14, 11, 18, 15, 12, 1, 19, 16, 13, 10 View dialing codes and compare Malaysia phone cards: Maldives: 960: View dialing codes and compare Maldives phone cards: Mali: 22 The ISO country codes are internationally recognized codes that designate every country and most of the dependent areas a two-letter combination or a three-letter combination; it is like an acronym, that stands for a country or a state. The country code is in use for example for the two-letter suffixes such as .us (United States), .fr (France) or .de (Germany) in top-level domains (for countries) on the Internet

The International Organization for Standardization created and maintains the ISO 3166 standard - Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions. The ISO 3166 standard contains three parts: ISO 3166-1 - Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions - Part 1: Country codes defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest. It defines three sets of country codes: ISO 3166-1. Select. Number of. continent. countries and territories (total: 249) AF - Africa. 58. AN - Antartica. 5. AS - Asia

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+17 Martinique 596 +1 Mauritania 222 +5 Mauritius 230 +9 Mayotte 269 +8 Mexico 52 -1 Micronesia 691 +16 Moldovia 373 +7 Monaco 377 +6 Mongolia 976 +13 Montserrat 1 809 +1 Morocco 212 +5 Mozambique 258 +7 Myanmar (Burma) 95 +11 1/2 Namibia 264 +7 Nauru 674 -7 Napal 97 IOC country code. NAM. Country code top-level domain.na. ICAO aircraft regis. prefix(es) V5-E.212 mobile country code(s) 649. NATO Three-letter code. NAM. NATO Two-letter code (obsolete) WA. LOC MARC code(s) SX. ITU Maritime ID(s) 659. ITU letter code(s) NMB. FIPS country code(s) WA. License plate code. NAM. GS1 GTIN prefix(es) — UNDP country code. NAM. WMO country code(s) NM. ITU callsign prefixe country name dialing codes; 1: afghanistan: 93: 2: alaska (usa) 1-907: 3: albania: 355: 4: algeria: 213: 5: american samoa: 1-684: 6: andorra: 376: 7: angola: 244: 8: anguilla: 1-264: 9: antigua & barbuda: 1-268: 10: argentina: 54: 11: armenia: 374: 12: aruba: 297: 13: ascension: 247: 14: australia: 61: 15: austria: 43: 16: azerbaijan: 994: 17: bahamas: 1-242: 18: bahrain: 973: 19: bangladesh: 880: 20: barbados: 1-246: 21: belarus: 375: 22: belgium: 32: 23: belize: 501: 24: benin: 229: 2 Calling code Country or territory Exit Prefix (IDD) National Prefix (NDD) A: 93: Afghanistan: 00: 0: 358 18: Aland Islands (Finland) 00: 0: 355: Albania: 00: 0: 213: Algeria: 00: 0: 1 684: American Samoa (USA) 011: 1: 376: Andorra: 00 - 244: Angola: 00: 0: 1 264: Anguilla (UK) 011: 1: 1 268: Antigua and Barbuda: 011: 1: 54: Argentina: 00: 0: 374: Armenia: 00: 0: 297: Aruba (Netherlands) 00 - 247: Ascension Island (UK) 00 - 61: Australia: 0011:

Including U.S. territories in the Pacific Islands : +1-671 and 453 and 454 Guam. +1-670 Northern Mariana Islands. +1-684 American Samoa. +1 Canada — see detailed list of area codes. +1-441 Bermuda. Many, but not all, Caribbean nations, with area codes: +1-264 Anguilla. +1-268 Antigua and Barbuda List Of Country & Dialing Codes. The 2-letter codes shown above are supplied by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the United Nations. The UN also uses 3-letter codes, and numerical codes to identify nations, and those are shown above Calling the USA: +1 is the US Country Code. Calling the UK: +44 Country Code for the UK. Calling Mexico: +52 is the Country Code for Mexico. Calling India: +91 is India's Country Code. Calling China: +86 Country Code for calling China. Tip: Save When Sending Money Abroad Remember to drop the zero from the country code. Example: UK—country code 44; France—country code 33; Turkey—country code 90; Write down the US calling code, too—you'll need it to call home: US country code —+1 (seems easy, but believe it or not, I forget)—Remember to dial the US country code and then the area code before dialing the phone numbe

Since the caller ID doesn't show the leading 1, here are some possibilities for what it could be: 17-0234-7605 - Looks like a country code? But I can't find 17 as a country code. 170-234-7605 - Of course area codes below 200 aren't allowed in the NA numbering plan AFAIK Country Codes. The following table contains international codes used to identify different countries. A description of each code is given below: FIPS 10-4: American National Standard Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries, Dependencies, and Areas of Special Sovereignty for Information Interchange The country codes are specified by ISO 3166-1. The following codes were deleted from ISO 3166-1: TP (East Timor), SU (Former USSR), YU (Yugoslavia). Related resources. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Root Zone Database; International Currency Codes

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List of country codes and phone prefixes. Country phone codes are starting with mark +. It's a shortcut for IDD(International direct dialing). This mark can be replaced by a number. Most countries use the number 00. List of IDD country codes Country Codes. ISO-3166 alpha2 ISO-3166 alpha3 ISO-3166 numeric fips Country Capital Area in km Morning! I think you use the new country's calling code because 001 won't cover the new country he is in, his mobile phone will change settings and configure to the new country and its mobile networks. Haha, I'm giving you advice for once, the other way around!! ;-) 0 0 Parsing the phone number to get the Country code. Handling situations where a Country code can belong to more than one Country. e.g. Country Code of +1 belongs to the United States and Canada. However, the Country Data package will allow you to do something like this Do not use a country code if you have an APO or FPO number. If your country or region is not listed, fill in 999. *Marshall Islands, Micronesia Federated States Of, and Palau are exempted from international processing fees due to their Compact of Free Association with the U.S

Generally models with different codes will have unique specifications. The code is not carved in your bike's frame or engine, but can be found at brochures, manuals or parst lists. In the Online Electronic Suzuk spares catalog of Suzuki the country code will b The IBAN consists of up to 32 alphanumeric characters, comprising a country code, two check digits and a long and detailed bank account number used in bank wire transfers. The IBAN structure is defined by the international standard under ISO 13616-1:2007 and check digits are performed using MOD 97 (ISO 7064) Du kan hyra stuga i Bohuslän direkt av ägaren på fritiden.se (just nu 99). Sök snabbt bland massor av stugor att hyra i hela Sverige och utomlands

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How to find a Zip Code. Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Then select the area where you are trying to send your letter for a list of the available zip codes for that area Composition of a country code list. For international calling codes, most countries have two-digit country codes. For instance, France's country code is 33, and the United Kingdom's country code is 44. The United States' country code is an exception, with just the code 1 A country code is a short, numerical code (generally 1-3 digits in length) that you dial when you make an international call to any country around the world. International country codes are specific to a country or geographical area, and in some cases, several countries may share a country code This page lists FAO's Member Nations in alphabetical order. It includes their short names, official names and standard country codes. To open a FAO country profile, select a country by clicking on its short name or by selecting a country in the drop-down list on the right

How to change your Tor country code in Windows, Mac or Linux . Changing your country codes involves a slightly different setup for each system, but once you have done that, the country coding process is the same. Changing Tor Country code in Windows. The first step to changing the country codes in Tor is to download and install the browser A country code reverse lookup search allows you to easily figure out from which country a call originated. For example, say someone calls you or sends you this telephone number: +44(0)207 555 55 55 . If you're not familiar with international dialing, do you know where to start

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FIFA country codes By SidewinderII, March 17, 2014 FIFA HAS IT'S OWN COUNTRY CODES to identify each of it's member countries. Each FIFA member country has a unique 3 letter identification code as shown in the diagram below: FIFA's 3 letter country codes. Initial draft artwork from the project was originally posted on Flickr betwee Updated 17 July 2007 By Country Code: By Country Name: Other WTNG pages Acknowledgements Main Page Calendar Glossary History Regional Services Special Services What's New: Afghanistan +93 Number Format Area Code: 2 digits Subscriber Number: 6 digits (see note below) Trunk Prefix: 0 International Prefix: 00 Area code information. Min. of Comm. The ISO designates each country and most dependent areas, a two digit letter combination (ISO alpha-2), three digital letter combination (ISO alpha-3) and a numerical country code (UN M49.

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Converts country code to full name in any of 17 languages plus latitude, longitude, elevation, currency code, population, area, IDD calling code, emoji flag... Topics countries continent elevation altitude phone-number emoji-flags geoip translations country-population country-area country-elevation google-maps-api currency-codes population currency country-info emoji internationalization longitud All International country codes / area codes. Find more than 100 000 cities and their codes. Area Codes. Most searched; 728 area code: 646 area code: 347 area code: 855 area code: 407 area code: 703 area code: 202 area code: 619 area code: 408 area code: 972 area code: 760 area code: 321 area code. Country code. The Australian country code is 61. When calling from outside Australia, leave out the leading '0' from the STD area code or from the mobile telephone number. Fixed line example calling Canberra from outside Australia: +61 2 (local eight digit number

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Below are codes for some countries and cities. Numbers beside countries are Country Codes, numbers beside cities are City Codes. Country Country Code City Code Afghanistan 93 Albania 355 Durres 52, Elbassan 545, Korce 824, Shkoder 224. Algeria 213 Adrar 7, Ain Defla 3, Bejaia 5, Guerrar 9. American Samoa 684 City Codes not required 17 objekt svarar din sökning. Vi hoppas att något av nedan är vad du söker när du ska hyra en stuga eller boka ett annat boende för uthyrning. Klicka på rubriken för information. Du kan också sortera listan. Sorteras efter: Rubrik, Typ, Bäddar, Ort. Smögen rum per dygn, fiskarhus

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17 | Complete New World Development Co. Ltd. stock news by MarketWatch. View real-time stock prices and stock quotes for a full financial overview Se dagens vinnare och förlorare på börsen. Du kan sortera på land, marknad, lista, bransch och period direkt i listan

Below you see a list of International Country Dialing codes. The list includes also the International Dialing Prefix (IDD) and the Country Calling Code by country. Almost each country in the world has its own country calling code, it is a single- or up to three-digit number which you have to dial to make a call to that country If you are calling from other country than Brazil to the Ananindeua area, dial IDD of your country, then international phone number (country code) +55, after that phone area code of +55 - 91 and call number. Example: International call +55 - 91 (Telephone number Area Codes Search Notes. Fixed phone numbers in Saudi Arabia are comprised of a single country code (+966), a 2 digit area code, and a 90 digit line code. Making a call with the wrong country, area, or region code can be costly. Browse our sites area and region codes by region and city to ensure you have the correct information for your calls

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  1. +14 is not a valid country code. +1 is the country code for the North American Numbering Plan Area [1] which includes the United States of America, Canada , and several countries and territories in the Caribbean. All countries within the NANPA hav..
  2. I have received a call from a number starting with 48 on viber. The caller has named himself Mauritius Telecom. For sure it is a spam. Mauritius Telecom would have never contacted people on viber and they would have used a fixed landline with the country code of Mauritius
  3. ERROR crs 522 Destination country code missing or invalid Destination country code missing or invalid. I verified that my Fedex account settings are correct, the store address is correct, and the address in the Delivery Information pane is correct. What am I missing? I don't even see a field anywhere within Drupal to add a country code. Thanks.
  4. Country code 44 is the country code for United Kingdom & Isle of Man. Our British reverse phone lookup & Manx reverse phone lookup gives you more information for country code 44
  5. code. 17.04.060 Definitions. For the purpose of this title, certain terms used herein or in the adopted codes, shall have the meaning given in this section, except as expressly provided otherwise in this title. A. Adopted code means a code, as defined by subdivision (a) o
  6. arabic-dialect-identification. Fine-grained, country-level Arabic dialect identification (17 Arabic countries) This repository is to provide YouTube id for Arabic Dialect Identification (ADI) track of the fifth edition of the Multi-Genre Broadcast Challenge(MGB-5)
  7. Country code 7 is the country code for Kazakhstan & Russia. Our Kazakh reverse phone lookup & Russian reverse phone lookup gives you more information for country code 7

Choice of a MARC code is generally related to information in field 260 (Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)). The code recorded in 008/15-17 is used in conjunction with field 044 (Country of Producer Code) when more than one code is appropriate to an item Which country has the dialing code +84? Here you will find out to which country the code is belonging to. You received an unknown call with the country calling code +84 Du kan hyra stuga i Gotland direkt av ägaren på fritiden.se (just nu 58). Sök snabbt bland massor av stugor att hyra i hela Sverige och utomlands

Representativt exempel återbetalning måndag 19 april 2021 Kreditkostnader och månadsbelopp - kredit: 0,00 kr NETONNET KOR Which country has the dialing code +55? Here you will find out to which country the code is belonging to. You received an unknown call with the country calling code +55 Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps

ALL: 008/15-17. Input Standards: ALL: Required if applicable. Two- or three-character code. Default: Definition ALL: The state or country of publication, production or execution. Use production information or the imprint (field 260 or field 264) or notes (5xx fields) to determine which code to use. CN Ghana is the first and only country on the Africa continent to be crowned FIFA U-20 World Cup Champions, and two-time runners up in 1993 and 2001. The Ghana national U-17 football team known as the Black Starlets are two-time FIFA U-17 World Cup champions in 1991 and 1995, two-time runners up in 1993 and 1997

The Art & Business of Making Games. Video game industry news, developer blogs, and features delivered dail IHOP® is the home of all things breakfast and everything delicious. Try us for lunch or dinner. We burger as good as we pancake. Order online or visit near you Country calling codes are assigned to individual countries, territories and places around the world to facilitate international calling. The ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization Sector) based in Geneva, Switzerland defines the standards for Country Calling Codes in the E.164 Recommendations titled The International Public Telecommunication Numbering Plan A SWIFT code is a Business Identifier Code (BIC) used by banks and payment providers when making international transfers. When someone talks about SWIFT/BIC codes, also known as SWIFT numbers, they mean the 8 or 11 digit numbers which are used to identify different banking organisations and branches when making international payments

Country Codes for International long distance calling made easy! Check all Country Calling Codes and Phone Area Codes FREE. Every phone country code and area code is updated. Call from one area to another in seconds, fast and free Beskrivning. När man ska ringa till utlandet ska man först slå ett prefix för utlandssamtal, i EU vanligen 00 följt av landsnummer och sedan telefonnumret (första siffran i riktnumret ska för flertalet länder inte slås). För att ringa till exempelvis Albanien från Irland, slår man 00355 och därefter det albanska telefonnumret.Om man vill ringa till Sverige från ett annat land.

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  1. To make an International direct dial (IDD) call, dial: 011 + the country code + the city code + the phone number. Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and many Caribbean countries do not require you to dial 011 to make a direct call, dial
  2. US Country Code. United States country code: +1. The United States of America is made up of 50 states and other territories. If you want to call the US, you have to keep track of the US country and area codes of each of these states and territories. To help you, we've made a list of all these codes, which you can find below this article
  3. Country Name Country Code SEPA Member IBAN Length IBAN Example (printed format) Albania: AL: 28: AL47 2121 1009 0000 0002 3569 8741: Andorra: AD: 24: AD12 0001 2030 2003 5910 010

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  1. SWIFT codes comprise of 8 or 11 characters. All 11 digit codes refer to specific branches, while 8 digit codes (or those ending in 'XXX') refer to the head or primary office. SWIFT codes are formatted as follows: AAAA BB CC DDD. First 4 characters - bank code (only letters) Next 2 characters - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (only letters
  2. SWIFT Codes and BIC codes are part of the ISO 9362 standards for sending money internationally. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, while BIC is short for Bank Identifier Code. SWIFT and BIC codes are used all over the world to identify bank branches when you make international payments, ensuring your money gets to the right place
  3. 17TRACK is the most powerful and inclusive package tracking platform. It enables to track over 170+ postal carriers for registered mail, parcel, EMS and multiple express couriers such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT. As well as many more international carriers such as GLS, ARAMEX, DPD, TOLL, etc

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  1. När du fyller i kontrolluppgifter och ska ange till exempel inkomsttagarens medborgarskap, arbetsland eller utländskt skatteregistreringsnummer ska du använda dessa landskode
  2. Instantly get the Japan country code and Japanese area codes to help you make your international call to Japan. Our complete resource of area & country codes will help you make your call to Tokyo and other Japanese cities
  3. NOTE: Code page is an outdated method for character encoding, yet it is still in use. It is now preferable to use 16 bit character set of Unicode. As defined by Microsoft, a locale is either a language or a language in combination with a country. See below for the definitions of locale and LCID and other resources
  4. Shanghai area/telephone code is 21. Zip code of local districts of Huangpu, Xuhui, Jing'an, Zhabei, Yangpu, Putuo and Hongkou is 200000; Pudong New Area has zip code as 200120; and Baoshan district's zip code is 201900. The search tools of China Area Code and China Zip Code can also be found
  5. Tips for Completing the UB04 (CMS-1450) Claim Form Page 1 of 17 Field Field description Field type Instructions 1 Facility name, Address, Telephone Number, and Country Code Required This field contains the complete Servicing address (the address where the services are being performed/rendered) and telephone and/or fax number. This must be
  6. List of foreign country codes. Form 1042-S filers must use the same list of country codes used on other IRS forms (for example, Forms 926, 1118, 3520, and 8805). This list of foreign country codes may be found at IRS.gov/ CountryCodes. Note. Although the list of country codes is maintained by Modernized e-File, Form 1042-S filers who file FIRE.
  7. Du kan hyra stuga i Södermanland direkt av ägaren på fritiden.se (just nu 12). Sök snabbt bland massor av stugor att hyra i hela Sverige och utomlands
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Zone 9: mostly southern Asia * +90 - Turkey+90 392 - Northern Cyprus * +91 - India * +92 - Pakistan+92 582 - Azad Kashmir[3]+92 581 - Gilgit Baltistan[3. Which country has the dialing code +880? Here you will find out to which country the code is belonging to. You received an unknown call with the country calling code +880 Country code A-Z 2 letters representing the country the bank is in. Location code 0-9 A-Z 2 characters made up of letters or numbers. It says where that bank's head office is. Branch Code 0-9 A-Z 3 digits specifying a particular branch. 'XXX' represents the bank's head office It can also, given a country, tell you the country code, and the prefixes you need to dial when in that country to call outside your local area or to call another country. Note that by default, phone2country is exported into your namespace Here you will find out to which country the code is belonging to. You received an unknown call with the country calling code +60? International Dialing Codes. auslandsvorwahlennet. Toggle navigation. Countries. List of countries by population. September 3, 2018, 5:17 pm. I received unknown call from this number 601141325041 I want to know.

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Discounts average $17 off with a Country Club Prep promo code or coupon. 48 Country Club Prep coupons now on RetailMeNot This is the Ireland Post Code page. This page includes the following content: code method, envelope example and address format, the way of writing the postal code correctly, reference link for postcode inquiries Representativt exempel återbetalning onsdag 31 mars 2021 Kreditkostnader och månadsbelopp - kredit: 0,00 kr DELBETALNING E-HANDE

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