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Lista över svenska relästationer 145 MHz - 2m VHF - Ham

  1. Lista över svenska relästationer 145 MHz - 2m VHF. Uppdaterad: 2004-07-26 / SM2ECL. Förklaring: Relästationens TX = RVxx RX - 600KHz . Blå markerad = ny repeater eller under konflik
  2. För relästationer på 145 MHz gäller 12,5 kHz kanalindelning och max utnyttjad kanalbandbredd på 12K0F3E. 2d För relästationer på 435MHz gäller 12,5 kHz kanalindelning. Men vi använder bara var 25 kHz ännu. Max bandbredd på 12K0F3E 2e För relästationer på 1296 MHz gäller 25 kHz kanalindelning. bandbredd på 20K0F3E
  3. Repeatrar. SK6JX/R. 145 Mhz. Kanal: RV50 (R1) 145.0250 - 145.6250. Qth: JO66FV, Arvidstorp, Falkenberg. Öppning: 1750 hz, eller DTMF 1. 435 Mhz. Kanal: RU370 (RU1) 433.0250 - 434.6250. Fn. ej i drift
  4. Teknisk information repeatrar. SK2AU/R, RV56 (R4) 2 m-repeater i Skellefteå, Loc. KP04LS, in 145.100 MHz och ut 145.700 MHz. SK2RFV, RU362. D-STAR-repeater i Skellefteå, Loc. KP04LS, in 432.525 MHz och ut 434.525 MHz
  5. Vi förfogar också över en portabel crossbandsrepeater 145,475 MHz / 433,525 MHz. Repeatern används från och till vid radiosamband. Crossbandsrepeatern är bärvågsstyrd. Tyvärr har det kommit upp en kinesisk satellit med utsändningar på 145,475 MHz, och detta orsakar besvärande störningar på vår crossbandsrepeater periodvis
  6. Thanks to some great work by the ARISS Team, a new Voice Repeater system is operating on the International Space Station! Here is the access information: Mode: FM Voice Uplink Frequency: 145.990 MHz, PL 67.0 Hz Downlink Frequency: 437.800 MHz The repeater uses the new InterOperable Radio System (IORS), a space-modified JVC Kenwood D710GA transceiver

DMR repeatern (SK6RKI), Kortedala använder kanal V47 (145.5875 Mhz). Denna repeater ägs och drivs formellt sett av Öckerö kommuns sändareamatörer. C4FM (Fusion) repeatern SK6A 145.6000 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV48: 145.6125 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV49: 145.6250 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV50: 145.6375 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV51: 145.6500 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV52: GB3MN Disley (FM) 145.6625 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV53: 145.6750 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV54: 145.6875 MHz: FM/DV repeater output: RV55: GB3SJ Northwich (FM) 145.7000 MHz 145.75: 145.15: IO81KP: Newport, Gwent: ST19809320: WALES: 94.8: GW8ERA: Echolink: GB3BD: RB06: 433.15: 434.75: IO92RA: Ampthill: TL01303860: SE ENG: 77: G8MGP : GB3BF: RV63: 145.7875: 145.1875: IO92SD: Bedford: TL04305140: W.MIDL: 77: G8MGP : GB3BG: 10GHz: 10240: 10425: IO82WN: Sedgley,WM: SO92309420: W.MIDL : G6WJJ : GB3BH: 13cmTV: 2440: 2340: IO91TP: Watford: TQ14509450: SE ENG : M0SAT : GB3BI: RV58: 145.725: 145.125: IO77WO: Inverness: NH74006060: SCOT: 6 145.6625 MHz (QRV) Skift: -600 kHz QTH: En bit utanför Linköping, mot Åtvidaberg; Repeater karta. För att komma till en komplett repeater karta så kan du klicka här (öppnas i ny flik). Där visas analogt och även DMR repeatrar. Välkommen till SK5LF

145.3375: a: io92aq: mid: cannock: operational: 18 feb 2022 : mb7idt: g4fki: 77hz: 145.3375: a: io92sa: mid: ampthill: operational: 1 dec 2021 : mb7ifd: m0rgv: 82.5hz: 144.9125: a: io83lv: nor: fleetwood: operational: 20 jun 2022 : mb7ifz: m0lvl: 77hz: 145.2875: a: io84fm: nor: frizington: operational: 7 jan 2022 : mb7igc: g4cui: 71.9hz: 145.2125: a: io93fi: nor: sheffield: operational: 3 apr 2022 : mb7igl: g7cda: 82.5hz: 50.5300: a: io84: nor: lancaste This machine offers coverage similar to that of the 145.220 MHz repeater. 224.000 has autopatch capability that is available to RMRL members. This machine is available for general use at all times. Streaming audio can be heard on the 145.220, 145.340, 146.940, 224.000, and 449.450 repeaters. Click here to listen

Switching the 145.675/.075 repeater with Yaesu FT-897D. RF output is 5W, ANT - Anli WH-14 (1/4 wave GP) Output: 433.00 MHz Input: 434.600 Mhz Offset: +1.600 MHz CTCSS: 71.9 Hz Echolink: 364539 NGR: ST916079 Locator: IO80WU Google Maps. Antenna Height AGL: 33m Repeater Height AGL: 21m Ground approx 110m AMS Analogue Repeaters. GB3YW 145.7875 MHz Shift -600 Khz CTCSS 82.5 Hz https://www.ukrepeater.net/repeatermaps/gb3yw.jpg. GB3WY 50.800 MHz Shift +500 Khz CTCSS 82.5 Hz. https://www.ukrepeater.net/repeatermaps/gb3wy.jpg. Sundays @ 09.00 the RSGB News is read on this repeater Radio Settings. To use a repeater you need to listen to its transmitter frequency and transmit on its receive frequency. This can be confusing so these are the settings you need for your radio. Transmit on 145.175MHz, receive on 145.775MHz and select a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz 145.170 MHz, Negative Offset, tone 151.4. The Raytown Repeater is open for all amateur radio operators. Tone access of 151.4 Hertz is needed from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, Local Time . This can be over ridden by Key-up and entering 911 and will remain over ridden until after 10 minutes of no repeater activity. If interference occurs that causes the.

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If you have your radio tuned to 146.840 Mhz, (the repeater's output frequency), when you push the mic button, your radio automatically transmits on 146.240 Mhz, 600kHz down from 146.840. When you release the mic button to listen, your radio switches back to 146.840 mHz to listen on the repeater's output frequency. Note: There are exceptions to the rule so check your local repeater listings Regular Nets. 2M Public Service Net Mondays @ 7:30pm (145.410 MHz) Our Backup Repeater is 146.505 MHz Note: 1 MHz offset. 2M SkyWarn Net as weather conditions require (145.410 MHz) 75M Net, last Monday of the month immediately following the 2M net on 3.983kHz. Western Pa. Phone Traffic Net daily 6:00 pm on 3.983 khz Page 1 of 3 Chicago Area Repeaters Repeater Call City County Output Freq + PL Notes BARS W9BBK Bolingbrook Will 147.330 MHz; 107.2 BRC K9ORU Belvidere Boone 147.375 MHz; 100.0 EMA reports to LOT directly BRC K9KUX Belvidere Boone 442.825 MHz; 114.8 Backup; If 2M is down 147.525 SX, else 145.375 SX CECIL JR. KB9LNK Mendota LaSalle 146.895 MHz; 103. Repeater outputs 25 MHz splitpaired with those in 902.125-903.000 12.5 kHzchannelspacingNotes 5) 6) Notes: 1) Significant regional variations in both current band utilization and the intensityand frequency distribution of noise sources preclude one plan that is suitable for all parts of the country

Harrisburg 145.210 MHz - HAMSTOCK 2020 21repeatergroup@groups.io Harrisburg, PA - 145.210 MHz - Wide Coverage Repeater After joining to this group PLEASE include your name and amateur call in your display name W4BFB 145.2300 MHz Repeater Live Audio Feed on Broadcastify.co Brief History of the WØERH 145.290 MHz Repeater. Our repeater came into existence in 1993, and has lived in several different places before finding its current home. The idea to build a repeater was championed by Roger Bessemer (then KBØIIG, later WØSOB and now SK), and Jim Hundley (KØGKL) 145.33000: Uplink: 144.73000: Offset:-0.6 MHz : Uplink Tone: 100.0: County: Contra Costa: Grid: CM97BV: Call: K6POU: Use: OPEN: Op Status: On-Air Coverage: Wide area : Sponsor: MDRA: Features: E-power. FM: Yes; analog capable. Analog Bandwidth: Notes: 3,850'. Coordination: NARCC: Last update: 2020-10-1 Dansk repeater karta http://map.oz7adz.dk/ Ansvarig för webbplatsen: Maila till Urban SM5OX

Repeater är en JVC Kenwood D710GA som har FM. Upplink= 145.990 MHz + 67 PL ton. Nerlink= 437.800 MHz. Läs mer om projektet på engelska ARISS: https://www.ariss.org/ Eller på svenska på amsat.se:https://www.amsat.se/(ibland måste man klicka 2 ggr på denna länk. Frequenza Uscita (MHz) Frequenza Entrata (MHz) Shift (KHz) R0: 145.600,00: 145.000,00-600: R0A: 145.612,50: 145.012,50-600: R1: 145.625,00: 145.025,00-600: R1A: 145.637,50: 1 45.037,50-600: R2: 145.650,00: 145.050,00-600: R2A: 1 45.662,50: 1 45.062,50-600: R3: 145.675,00: 145.075,00-600: R3A: 1 45.687,50: 1 45.087,50-600: R4: 145.700,00: 145.100,00-600: R4A: 1 45.712,50: 1 45.112,50-600: R5: 145.725,00: 145.125,00-600: R5 145.000-145.175 MHz infrekvenser repeater, 25 kHz kanalavstånd, FM. 145.200-145.575 MHz simplexkanaler, direkt trafik mellan radioamatörer. 145.600-145.775 MHz utfrekvenser repeater. 25 kHz kanalavstånd, FM. Vissa undantag finns, s.k. X-kanaler med 12.5 kHz kanalavstånd. 145.800-146 MHz Sista delen av amatörbandet användes av amatörsatelliter

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Ch. Mhz: Anmärkning: V17: 145.2125 : V18: 145.2250 : V19: 145.2375: Röstgateways: V20: 145.2500 : V21: 145.2625 : V22: 145.2750: Alla DV moder/FM: V23: 145.2875. When a remote receiver hears a transmission with it's specified PL tone, it repeats the transmission to the main repeater on 446.950 MHz. The main repeater then repeats the transmission out on 145.370 MHz. The Lafayette Parish is segmented into 4 quadrants separated North/South by I-10 and East/West by I-49/US 90 GB3AM Repeater 50.840 MHz; GB3AL Repeater 145.7375 MHz; GB3AU Repeater 433.175 MHz; GB7AU Repeater 439.700 MHz Dstar off air; GB7WL Repeater 439.4625 MHz DMR off air; Tring site IO91PS. GB3TU Repeater 433.225 MHz; GB7CT Repeater 145.6375 MHz DMR; MB7FM Simplex 70.4375 MHz off air; GB3BAA Beacon 50.016 MHz off air; GB3BAA Beacon 70.016 MHz off ai We are the backbone repeater for the National Weather Service reporting network for Southeastern Wisconsin. Please feel free to visit us on the repeater and tell us what you think. We think you will find that you are among friends here on the 145.130 MHz (CTCSS 127.3) repeater. Listen to us on Broadcastify.co The 145.340 machine is a node in the Internet Radio Linking Project network. This repeater can be linked to other repeaters around the world via the Internet. The 449.750 machine is the club's experimental repeater, and also provides digital paging capability

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145.490 Tone 100 2 meter VHF (KU4B) & (WR3S) repeater for all normal and emergency radio communications. We are thankful to Repeater Trustee Mr. David Wilson (KU4B) and Mr. John Kimbrough ( WR3S) for the use of the repeater for our club related activities. The repeater is located on the top of Short Mountain just on the outskirt 435.250 MHz: 145.960 MHz: Operational - Due to battery status, please do not attempt to access while in eclipse. SO-50 (SaudiSat-1C) Uplink FM (67 Hz CTCSS) Downlink FM: ISS Crossband Repeater: 145.990 MHz: 437.800 MHz: Operational: See ARISS Status for status information: CAS-5A: Uplink FM: Downlink FM: Comments: CAS-5A: 145.925 MHz: 435.

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  1. DB0EE 145.6625 MHz Repeater - Germany - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk
  2. The K5RWK VHF repeater has an echo test mode that can be enabled using DTMF tones. To use this functionality: Send DTMF tones * 5 1 1 (star-5-1-1) and release the PTT button; Wait for the repeater to play a the normal confirm tones followed by a flat tone; Quickly key up and talk for a few (<10) seconds. Release your PT
  3. The 145.330 MHz (-600 kHz input), 224.400 MHz (-1.6 MHz input), and 442.950 MHz (+5 MHz input) repeaters are co-located at a two-hundred foot site just north of downtown Norfolk, Virginia. The 3 repeaters share the same controller and are normally linked together. The 145.330 system consists of a Vertex VXR-5000 repeater interfaced to a Link.
  4. Site: http://pi4nzb.web-log.nl/. De VERON NZB en Radioclub de Bevelanden organiseren samen de wekelijkse radioronde voor Noord- en Zuid-Beveland en Schouwen-Duiveland via de repeater in Wemeldinge. Op zondagavond om 21.00 uur is een lokaal techno.net op 145.225 MHz vanuit Walcheren
  5. This repeater can be linked to other repeaters around the world via the Internet. (See the Internet Connection page.) The 449.625 repeater is a Yaesu Fusion Mixed Mode Repeater (operates in both digital and analog modes). The 145.220 and 224.000 MHz repeaters have autopatch capability which supports long tone zero (LiTZ).
  6. on 145.2375 MHz and in order to use the link a CTCSS tone of 77.0Hz must be superimposed on your audio. Special commands are accessed via DTMF tones sent from your touchtone pad. The most important thing to remember and one of the most common mistakes of users new to simplex linking is to think that the link is a repeater

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  1. F1ZBN 145.675 MHz Repeater - France - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk
  2. GB7MA D-Star Repeater 145.600. June 13, 2018 ·. This is only our facebook page.. The main site can be found here. www.hamradiodeals.co.uk. Registering is easy but you Must use your Callsign when registering. hamradiodeals.co.uk. Redirect to Forums. Like Comment Share
  3. Amateur radio N7GDE 145.19 repeater at Lyman, Washington. Downlink: 145.19000: Uplink: 144.59000: Offset:-0.6 MHz : Uplink Tone: 127.3: County

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Michigan Area Repeater Council Repeater Directory for the 144 MHz Frequency Band 04-16-2021 @ 10:00:43pm Note: Items in red italics are delinquent and need a TDS update to remain coordinate WA7ABU 145.290 Mhz Repeater, VHF 145.29, Silverton Hills, OR. Live stream plus station schedule and song playlist. Listen to your favorite radio stations at Streema Listen to PI3UTR 145.575 MHz Repeater online free streaming at TopRadio. PI3UTR 145.575 MHz Repeater Scanner Netherland Er is een vergunning afgegeven voor een 2e bovenregionale repeater op de 2-meter band met de frequentie 145.5875 MHz. Deze is eerder deze maand toegewezen aan PI3AMS te Amsterdam. De repeater moet opgesteld worden op de Symphony toren aan de Zuidas op circa 105 meter boven straatniveau, zo valt op te maken uit de lijst van de Agentschap Telecom It operates on 145.190 MHz with a negative offset and a 162.20 Hz PL tone (CTCSS) and on 224.400 Mhz (-) with a 162.20 Hz PL tone. Transmissions on either frequency pair are repeated on both. It is a friendly repeater, open to any licensed Ham operator in the coverage area

The repeater Input is on 145.125 Mhz and the output is on 145.725 Mhz. The repeater uses a high gain Hustler antenna with a gain of 7dB. The antenna is fixed atop our 100' (33m) mast which is at 1000' (300m) asl on Hensbarrow Downs I would like to propose that all other 2 meter D-Star owners make 145.600 MHz their National Digital Calling Frequency. We are the leaders in the use of this new technology. Give other hams a place to try out this new technology by monitoring 145.600 MHz. If you are passing through Abbotsford, BC, give me a call on D-Star DV: 145.600 MHz Western Oklahoma SKYWARN® provides and supports SKYWARN storm spotters and communications in western Oklahoma. Members include trained SKYWARN® storm spotters and emergency management, providing severe weather ground truth observations directly to the National Weather Service in Norman Oklahoma via linked radio repeater systems in western Oklahoma The group congregates on its Amateur Radio repeater on 145.41 MHz. During the summer of 1995, the repeater moved to its present location at Bobby (WA1ZJG) and Alda's house. The project became a real community effort. We hope you enjoy reading about the projects to date, and the plans for the future! See you on the air, on 145.41 MHz, negative.

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The repeater is optionally linked to the WT4X 442.350 repeater. When you hear a drip sound, that was a transmission from the 442.350 repeater. Click on the buttons at the top of the page to see pictures of the highest repeater in South Florida, the 147.000 Repeater. The dates refer to the date of a trip we made up the tower to work on it 145.290 MHz, NT - An alternate backup repeater for the SCARES Training Net, used in the event of problems with the primary or backup repeaters, also used as a tactical repeater. 224.500 MHz, PL 100.0 - Repeater is used to contact Shelby County EMA, AEMA, and NWS


Tillfälligt QRT, RV62 - Hudiksvall 145.775 MHz -0,6 MHz i skift. Öppnas med 127,3 i subton. Repeatern är ansluten till Echolink: Node: SK3GA-R - 725736. Mer info om Echolink får du här; https://sk3ga.se/digitalt/echolink/ DMR. VHF - Digital och Analog: https://sk3ga.se/digitalt/dmr/sk3rhu-dmr-vhf W6DRA repeater on 145.200 MHz (- shift, TSql 131.8). Tramway #1/Palm Springs W6DRA repeater on 145.480 MHz (- shift, TSql 107.2). Big Bear K6BB repeater on 147.330 MHz (- shift, TSql 131.8). Ludlow/Barstow WA6TST repeater on 147.885 MHz (- shift, TSql 151.4). Banning W6CDF repeater on 147.915 MHz (- shift, TSql 123.0). Banning/Snow Peak W6CTR repeater on 445.160 MHz (- shift, TSql 151.4). Onyx Pea The KG4MRA repeater transmits on frequency 145.430 MHz, with -600 KHz offset uplink, and requires a CTCSS tone of 74.4 Hz on the uplink. The KG4MRA is now operating with Yaesu DR-2X repeaters, and.. 145.470 Mhz, -600 PL = 94.8. VHF repeater is back to normal operation as of 1/1/2020! Thanks to all who assisted in the project! ***** *** Lista över svenska relästationer 432/433/434/436 MHz - 70cm Relästn TX alltid den samma RX kan variera +-1,6 MHz & -2 MHz från denna . Uppdaterad: 2004-07-29 / SM2ECL Blåmarkerat Ny eller konflik

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The North Mason Amateur Radio Emergency Service Club (NMARES) also supports a repeater at 145.17 MHz, negative offset, with a PL tone of 103.5 Hz. Also in the Belfair area, a 220 MHz repeater is available with an input frequency of 222.66 MHz. This repeater requires a CTCSS tone of 103.5 Hz. The output frequency is 224.26 MHz GB3IE - PLYMOUTH UHF REPEATER (ECHOLINK) RU68 (wide shift) Output 430.850 MHz - Input 438.450 MHz. CTCSS 77Hz Tone 'C' - Required - Echolink Node Number: 27871 . GB3WD - PLYMOUTH VHF REPEATER. Output 145.700 MHz - Input 145.100 MHz. CTCSS 77Hz . Clubs & Societies . If you want to add a link to your repeater or radio related club, group or societ En repeater är en snabb och enkel lösning för att få bättre täckning där det befintliga trådlösa nätverket inte når. I detta kapitel förklarar vi repeaterns funktion, poängterar vikten av en optimal placering och varnar för de prestandafällor som en repeater kan ge upphov till TX 145.750 mhz. RX 145.150. CTCSS 88.5hz. Sussex Repeater Group Serving North-West Sussex and South-West Surrey - Founded 1976 Email: G4EFO. As the repeater will have to be vetted by the MOD, who are the primary user of the band, the application may take some time,. The 145.170 machine is a Motorola MTR 2000 repeater, with a Celwave PD-497-1 6-cavity band pass/band reject duplexer. This is a factory-made 132-150 MHz split repeater. Photos are below! This is the front view of the 145.17 repeater. This is a view of the PD-497-1 six cavity duplexe

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  1. Amplifier, VHF Repeater, Solid State, 145-148 MHz, 10 W In, 111 W Out, UHF Female, SO-239, 13.8 Vdc, 20 A Not Yet Reviewed Part Number: MIR-B-2518-R More Detail..
  2. Hello fellow Ham Radio Operators and welcome to the N6ICW Repeater home page. This page has been developed as a means to provide some background and information about the 147.195+ and 145.150- repeater systems serving the Sacramento Valley and Lake Tahoe regions and the W6ECE 146.940- repeater serving the north valley from the Sutter Buttes to Anderson.
  3. Viktig information avseende ansökan om tillstånd för repeater i 2100 MHz-bandet . Globalt har mobilindustrin nyligen börjat lansera femte generationens mobila tjänster och nät med alla dess möjligheter och förbättringar
  4. Inomhusräckvidden mellan sändare och mottagare i ett 433 MHz-fjärrströmbrytar­system är upp till 30 meter. Signalen kan gå genom väggar, men ju fler hinder som finns på vägen desto kortare blir räckvidden. För att få signalen att nå längre kan en repeater användas

145.19 w/100 Hz tone - WA7ABU Repeater Site ~4000' near Gates 444.950 MHz Yaesu Fusion & FM w/ 100 Hz tone - Silver Falls 444.600 MHz Yaesu Fusion & FM w/ 100 Hz tone - South from Beaver Creek (no I-5 or Portland coverage) 52.99 MHz FM w/ 100 tone, 51.29 input, -1.7Mhz offset - Silver Falls NETs of the WA7ABU and K7ATV repeaters THE real. 145.170 - NY: Orangetown: N2ACF: 114.8: Rockland : N2ACF Net: 2013/12/14: 145.190 - NY: Greenwood Lake: N2NOG: 141.3: 141.3: Orange : 2014/09/28: 145.210 - NJ: Wayne: KD2KWT: 79.7: Passaic : 2017/02/24: 145.210 - NY: Yaphank: W2DQ: 136.5: Suffolk : 446.625 (Yaphank, NY) 2013/12/08: 145.230 - NY: Bronx: W2CMA: 114.8: 114.8: Bronx : FDNY Net: 2013/12/09: 145.250 - NJ: Green Brook: WB2BQW: 114.8: Somerset : WB2BQW Net: 2020/06/24: 145.250 - NY: Farmingvill Repeater Actions. with by the BrandMeister Dev Team. Like us on Facebook! Donate a or a . Support 145.6125 MHz: RX: 145.0125 MHz: Shift-0.600 MHz: CC: 1: Slot details. Timeslot 1: 260 2603: Timeslot 2: 26032 26039 260015: Blocked talkgroups: Antenna Details. Antenna Height (AGL in m Fordland Repeater. If we are unable to secure the funding for this much-needed tower work, the 145.49 MHz. Repeater will go off the air and cease to exist. For some time now the N0NWS 145.49 MHz. repeater in Fordland has been operating at very low power due to an antenna system failure De stichting beheert namens de VERON- en VRZA-afdeling Twente en de A.R.A.C de volgende relaisstations: PI1TWE-2: APRS iGate Digipeater - 144.800 MHz. PI1GRL-2: APRS iGate Digipeater - 144.800 MHz. PI3TWE : 2 m Fusion & FM repeater - 145.600 MHz, -0,6 MHz shift, CTCSS 77.0 Hz. T.g.v. de Corona pandemie waren Fusion & CTCSS tijdelijk uitgeschakeld tot 13.11.202

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  1. Country: United States Genres:amateur radio Playing: This is an off air feed of the W5ETX 145.210 repeater in Tyler, TX. Leave a Review Set your rating: Your Review: Submit You Also May Like K5LRK 147.3800 MHz LAARK Repeater amateur radioLake Area Amateur Radio Klub (LAARK) repeater located in Th
  2. This is an off air feed of the W5ETX 145.210 repeater in Tyler, TX
  3. That's completely legal, though some would argue that it's a repeater and should be in the repeater subband. In a metro area like NYC, my guess is that on two meters, an unused frequency in the repeater band would be a problem to find. We use 145.67 for our statewide packet network here. K0RGR, Sep 23, 2018. #6
  4. The repeater provides a platform to promote learning thru ham radio, in a friendly environment. The 147.120 Repeater is located between Longwood, Florida and Five Points. The antenna is about 250 feet in the air. The repeater is a Yaesu Vertex VXR-7000, Cat 300 controller, and a 6 cavity TX/RX duplexer

Channel Frequency MHz Call Sign Access Location Notes; RH3: Output: 29.680 Input: 29.580 EI0IPG: 67Hz: Carndonagh, Co. Donegal IO65JG: EchoLink Node 29007. Output: 145.6625 MHz Input: 145.0625 MHz Access: 71.9 Hz CTCSS only. 13.7 dBW 23.442 Watts ERP Repeater Keeper is Andy, G4MYS. Listen to GB3SH Click Here (This Is Under Test.. Have Fun) GB3SU. OPERATIONAL STATUS LICENCED ~ ON AIR Output: 433.200 MHz Input: 434.800 MHz Access: 71.9 Hz CTCSS only Artsci Publishing P.O. Box 1428 Burbank, CA 91507 (818) 843-4080 Voic Lokaltrafiknätet: Hålls varje söndag 21:30 SNT/SST över SK0MT/R (RU376/RU4 434.700 MHz Skift: -2 MHz Subton 77 Hz) och 145.525 MHz TSA-ringen 80m: 3.728 MHz Onsdagar 9:00 SNT/SST Vår repeater SK0RMT (RU379/RU5x 434.7375 MHz Skift: -2 MHz Subton 77 Hz) kan även användas för digitala moder; D-Star, Fusion och DMR Output Frequency: 145.13 MHz Location: Fire Station 35, along Paseo del Norte, NE Albuquerque, near the intersection of Lowell and Paseo del Norte 11700 Paseo del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122 The 145.15 MHz Cedro Peak Repeater Information as of 5/23/2019 Input Frequency: 144.55 MHz, PL Tone = 100 Hz Output Frequency: 145.15 MHz

Sarasota Emergency Radio Cub's 145.130 repeater site · 145.270 +.600 KHz W8HEQ^^C (^ Denotes a space) DARA Repeaters · 444.0875 +5 MHz W8HEQ^^B ATV Repeaters. 421.250 (439.250 MHz) - DARA's ATV Repeater National Weather Bureau Broadcasts. Dayton 162.475 MHz. Cincinnati 162.550 MHz. Lima 162.400 MHz. Richmond IN 162.500 MHz PI3BOZ 145.625 MHz Bergen op Zoom Repeater, PI3BOZ - 2m Repeater Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, Bergen op Zoom. Live stream plus station schedule and song playlist. Listen to your favorite radio stations at Streema

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* The 145.29 (-) Mhz analog repeater is located in the Treasure Valley near the Boise airport, at an elevation of about 2800 feet. * Another D-Star repeater on 444.800 (+) is located near Jerome, Idaho * APRS digi-peaters on the national frequency of 144.390 Mhz are located on Shafer Butte, War Eagle and Snowbank Mountain Mycket robust 800Mhz (Band 20) repeater för 4G mobildata och telefoni. Täckningsyta 500-1500m2. Bandselektiv med 10Mhz bandpassfilter som är flyttbart mellan DL 791-821 Mhz via frontpanelens knappsats. 70dB gain. 15dBm max uteffekt. ALC 20dB. Manuell Gain Control 31d GB3SH 145.6625 MHz Repeater Live Audio Feed Archives. GB3SH 145.6625 MHz Repeater Live Audio Feed Archives. Search. Premium Help. Home; Listen. Browse All Feeds Browse Near Me Top Feeds New Feeds Alert Feeds Dashboards Calls Platform. D-STAR Information. VHF repeater frequency 145.61250 MHz Duplex -0.600 MHz UHF repeater frequency 438.01250 MHz Duplex -5.000 MHz VHF gateway and personal hotspots - any between 145.550 and 145.600 MHz

Analogue Repeaters - West Yorkshire Repeater Grou

3G Repeater 2100 MHz. Bandselektiv för: Telia/Tele2 - Telenor - 3/Telenor. Uppfyller 3GPPP standard; Uppfyller ETSI standard; CE Godkänd; VIKTIGT! Repeaters för 4G är ej tillåtna av Sveriges mobiloperatörer! 4G är till för enbart data och då kan man använda en bra 4G router från oss, då får man bra WiFi för datauppkoppling RETEVIS RT9000D 66-88 MHz är tillverkad i Kina, har inhandlat mitt exemplar via eBay.com[L2] - Detta är i praktiken samma radio som: CRT 4M och ANYTONE AT588 men med ett annat namn. RETEVIS RT9000D 'In action' Radion har helgjutet aluminium schassi, ger ett mycket gediget intryck Repeaters > 900 MHz repeater SYN 900 MHz +30dBm repeater (10 MHz BW) +30 dBm Bandselektiv 900 MHz repeater speciellt framtagen för svenska krav. Med justerbar frekvens. Fungerar med GSM-900, 3G-900 och LTE-900. Max 10 MHz bandbredd K6POU 145.330 MHz Repeater Live Audio Feed on Broadcastify.co Thursday at 7:45 p.m. on 146.940 MHz, pl 123.0 Hz on the WA4ZFQ repeater. Alternate is the WB4VFT (CARS) repeater on 145.490 MHz, no pl. Simplex 146.420 MHz for Columbia, Gilcrest and Union counties. Simplex 146.550 MHz for Suwannee, Madison, and Hamilton counties

Martin County Amateur Radio Association Inc - Repeaters

GB3RF Information :: North Western Repeater Grou

You are listening N5ZXJ 145.3100 MHz and W5BEC 147.1400 MHz Repeater an Amateur radio radio station in Troy, United States

Kenwood TH-22ATKKMP - WikipediaDMR Ham RadioRepeaters – Lancaster Radio Transmitting Society – W3ADMissouri: 2 Meter Repeater Directory and InfoRigPix Database - Icom - IC-Delta 1AIcom IC-V80E VHF-Handfunkgerät 144 145 MHz - pmrIcom IC-T70E VHF/UHF-Handfunkgerät 144 145 430 440 MHz
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