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Question: What is the population of Kuressaare? Answer: Kuressaare, Estonia (Administrative unit: Saare) - last known population is ≈ 13 000 (year 2015). This was 0.991% of total Estonia population. If population growth rate would be same as in period 2012-2015 (-0.95%/year), Kuressaare population in 2021 would be: 12 287* Kuressaare city. Population 12,933. -1%. 2020. Population density 830.1 inhabitants per km². -1.8%. 2020. Live births 156 Kuressaare (äldre tyska och svenska: Arensburg [2], ryska: Kingisepp) är en hamnstad som ligger på ön Ösel i Estland, vid Rigabukten i Östersjön. Staden hade 13 919 invånare 2011 och är både residensstad i landskapet Saaremaa (Ösel) och centralort i Ösels kommun Kuressaare is located 23 km (14) southeast of the town of Viljandi, 3.8 km (2.4 miles) southwest of the small borough of Mustla. Neighboring villages include Pikru, Ämmuste and Jakobimõisa. Kuressaare had a population of 67 as of 2011, a decrease from 85 in the 2000 census. Reference The population development of Kuressaare as well as related information and services (weather, Wikipedia, Google, images). Name Municipality Population Census 2000-03-31 Population Census 2011-12-31 ; Kuressaare: Saaremaa: 14,925

Kuressaare (Finnish: Kuressaari, German: Arensburg) is a toun an a municipality on Saaremaa island in Estonie. It is the caipital o Saare Coonty an the wastmaist toun in Estonie. The population accordin tae the 2011 census is 13,166 The main island of Saare County, it is located in the Baltic Sea, south of Hiiumaa island and west of Muhu island, and belongs to the West Estonian Archipelago. The capital of the island is Kuressaare, which in January 2018 had 13,276 inhabitants. The whole island had a recorded population in January 2020 of 31,435 In January 2013 Saare County had a population of 30,966, which was 2.4% of the population of Estonia Its population today is about 1.28 million, which is expected to drop to 1.1 million by 2030 and 860,000 by 2060. Estonia was recently ranked as the 23rd fastest-shrinking country in the world with a 2050 population forecast at 1.22 million, a decline of more than 8% Population in Saaremaa. 1. Saaremaa and Estonia Population in 2009. 2. Population in 2009 (based on Estonians Statistical Database) 2009 (Nov) Population Men Woman Estonia 1,340,415 617,299 723,116 Tallinn (capital) 398,594 180,216 218,378 Saaremaa 34,723 16,286 18,437 Kuressaare 14,960 6,809 8,151. 3

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  1. Den totala befolkningen i Saaremaa uppgick till 34 729 invånare 2009. Ösel tillhör Estlands lantligaste områden, med endast en stad, Kuressaare, med 14 706 invånare. Huvuddelen av Öselborna bor i småorter eller byar. Av landskapets befolkning definierar sig 98,3 % som estnisktalande och 1,0 % som rysktalande
  2. istrative centre of the municipality is its only town Kuressaare.. It is one of three parishes comprising the county, along with Muhu and Ruhnu parish
  3. istrative Division Contents: Counties and Municipalities The population of the counties and municipalities of Estonia according to census results and latest official estimates. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, nationality, country of birth, first language, religion)
  4. e the composition, location, economic and social distribution, etc. of the population
  5. Saaremaa has a population of 33,000 while Harju County has a population of over 585,000. Saare County includes Muhu and several smaller islands and Harju includes the capital, Tallinn. This timeline will be updated regularly. Timeline: Coronavirus in Saaremaa . Februar
  6. Kuressaare is a village in Tarvastu Parish, Viljandi County located 23 km (14) southeast of the town of Viljandi, 3.8 km (2.4 miles) southwest of the small borough of Mustla. Neighboring villages include Pikru, Ämmuste and Jakobimõisa. Kuressaare had a population of 67 as of 2011, a decrease from 85 in the 2000 census
  7. In total, 169 tests were done. There are 9 corona positive patients in treatment at @[100057234197960:2048:Kuressaare Haigla SA] n @[100057234197960:2048:Kuressaare Haigla SA] n this morning. As of today, a total of 6306 people have been vaccinated in the county, 1042 of whom have received both doses (3,15 % of the population)

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See the links below the 12-day Kuressaare weather forecast table for other cities and towns nearby along with weather conditions for local outdoor activities. Kuressaare is 5 m above sea level and located at 58.25° N 22.50° E. Kuressaare has a population of 14921. Local time in Kuressaare is EEST Saaremaa Municipality. Population: 31 435 Area: 2718 km² Settlements: Kuressaare town; rural towns of Aste, Kihelkonna, Kudjape, Kärla, Leisi, Nasva, Orissaare, Salme and Valjala; 427 villages. The administrative centre of the Municipality is Kuressaare, with 12 service centres in 13 districts to provide public services Kuressaare used to be known as Arensburg, and it received city status in 1563. The town has a population of around 13,000 (2018). Tourist Information Centre , Tallinna 2 , ☏ +372 45 33 766 , +372 453 31 20 , fax : +372 453 31 20 , kuressaare@visitestonia.com Kuressaare. City Administration address: Saaremaa Vallavalitsus. Tallinna 10, Kuressaare 93819. www.saaremaavald.ee. Phone: (+372) 452 5000. Email: vald@saaremaavald.ee. Area 15.0 km², population 13,105. Density 870 ppl/km² Kuressaare is a city where people are pleased to come back again and again and where everybody is always welcome. Fisrt written data on Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa come from 1424. The freedom of town was granted on 8 May 1563. Self-government: 1 October 1990 Area: 15km2 Population: 15,074 (01.01.09) Climate: mild maritim

Kuressaare Alternates names : Arensburg - Arensburga - Kingisepp - Kingissepa - Kingissepp - Kuresaar - Kuresaare - Kuresaari - Kuresare - Coordinates UTM : EK8 It covers a total area of approx 2673 km2 (1032 ml2) and has population around 30,000. The island attracts cruise ship tourists with its pristine nature and historical sights. The island's largest settlement is the port city Kuressaare (population around 15,000) located on its southern coast Kuressaare. Kuressaare is a town on Saaremaa island in Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Saaremaa Parish and the capital of Saare County. Kuressaare is the westernmost town in Estonia. Wikivoyage. Wikipedia. Overview. Map. Photo Map incidence of tick-borne viral encephalitis per 100 000 total population 2008-2010. 26 self-rated health, good and very good, % of respondents 2010. 27 % of respondents with limitation 1.32M. The cost of living in Estonia is $961, which is 1.3 times more expensive than the world average. Estonia ranked 67th out of 197 countries by cost of livingand the 25th best country to live in. The average salary after taxes in Estonia is $1232, which is enough to cover living expenses for 1.3 months

  1. An Overview about about buildings and structures in Kuressaare, Estonia. Emporis delivers information about construction projects, architecture and urban planning in Kuressaare. ok We use cookies on our website to allow you the best possible service. Population. 13,276 in city
  2. ️ Population: 13.1k . The average cost of living in Kuressaare is $836, which is in the top 37% of the least expensive cities in the world, ranked 5822nd out of 9294 in our global list and 3rd out of 10 in Estonia. The median after-tax salary is $1120, which is enough to cover living expenses for 1.3 months
  3. Kuressaare's population density is 996.53 people per square kilometer
  4. Estonia (Saaremaa vald, Saare): Current local time in & Next time change in Kuressaare, Time Zone Europe/Tallinn (UTC+2). Population: 14,921 People Time Differenc
  5. Stats in Kuressaare, Estoni
  6. The following 50 files are in this category, out of 50 total. Kuressaare coatofarms.png 734 × 1,000; 126 KB. Albert Uustulnd.JPG 1,600 × 1,200; 869 KB. Algab Kuressaare kesklinn.jpg 1,728 × 2,304; 1.31 MB. Ametikooli viidapost.jpg 2,304 × 1,728; 1.35 MB. Aro ja Tuisk.IMG 20200625 103514.jpg 2,976 × 3,968; 1.7 MB
  7. There are nine neighbourhoods of Kuressaare. The estimated population of Kuressaare is 13,382, as of 2017. Kuressaare is the capital of Saaremaa, the largest of Estonia's islands. Kuressaare Episcopal Castle, also known as Kuressaare Castle, is one of the most interesting and best-preserved fortresses in Estonia

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Estonia, also known as the Republic of Estonia, is located in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe.The capital city of this small country is Tallinn, its official language is Estonian and the population of this nation is approximately 1.3 million.In 2004 Estonia joined both NATO and the European Union Kuressaare. Its capital is Kuressaare. It has a population of 33,925 in total. It has a 2,673 square kilometers surface area in total. Tartu Tartu. Its capital is Tartu. It has a population of 154,819 in total. Its surface area is 2,993 square kilometers. Valga Valga. Its capital is Valga. It has a population of 29,571 in total Saaremaa - the biggest Estonian island with 36 000 population. Its capital and the only city is Kuressaare. Here is baked sweet and sour bread and brewed beer, in villages you still can see buildings, covered with a thatched roof, stone fences and windmills Population: 1,324,820. Major cities (population): Tallinn (443,541); Tartu (96,974); Narva (57,842); Pärnu (51,888); Kohtla-Järve (34,834). Head of state: President. Constitution: passed on 28 June 1992. Government: Parliamentary Republic, single-chamber Parliament (Riigikogu) of 101 members. Currency: Euro (EUR) its range. From an estimated 400-500,000 in the 1960s the winter population has probably declined to about 220,000 individuals (Europe: c.40,000; East Asia: c.30,000 and North America: c.150,000). Data from Sakha-Yakutia Republic and Alaskan breeding areas suggest the population has been even higher during the first half of the 20th century

Kuressaare is the westernmost town in Estonia. The recorded population on 1 January 2018 was 13,276. The town is situated on the southern coast of Saaremaa island, facing the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea, and is served by the Kuressaare Airport, harbour, and Kuressaare yacht harbour Kuressaare, Estonia. Kuressaare is a town on Saaremaa island in Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Saaremaa Parish and the capital of Saare County. Kuressaare is the westernmost town in Estonia. The recorded population on 1 January 2018 was 13,276. - Wikipedia. Things to do in Kuressaare

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  1. ority nationality is Russian, comprising 2% of the inhabitants.Compared to the Republic of Estonia on the whole, the population of Saare County and particularly of Kuressaare town is younger, whereas the number of the retired people is considerably smaller. Saaremaa is located in the heart of the Baltic region.
  2. ute walk from the very centre of Kuressaare itself. It's the 'island' of Saare'
  3. Towns near to Kuressaare Estonia Saaremaa between 0 and 25 miles. Showing results for surrounding towns and cities with a population greater than 5 between 0 and 25 miles from Kuressaare. If very little is shown, then it likely means we have limited population data for the towns within that radius or that the radius is too small
  4. With 1200 beds in its spa hotels and a population of about 14,000 in Kuressaare, this makes Saaremaa's capital one of the world's most spa-filled cities, and the island's nickname Spaaremaa quite appropriate. You will find something for every taste and budget among Saaremaa's many spas
  5. istrative centre of Saaremaa Parish and the capital of Saare County. Kuressaare is the westernmost town in Estonia. The recorded population on 1 January 2018 was 13,276. - Wikipedia. Things to do in Kuressaare

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  1. island of Saaremaa (Kuressaare city and 11 municipalities) amalgamated into one municipality, Saaremaa Municipality, enhancing the whole island. whereas about 60% of the population lives on the southern coast and in average population density is 11.7 people per km2
  2. Population trends. Before World War II, the population was relatively homogeneous. According to the census in 1934, 88.1 percent were esters, while 8.2 percent were Russians, 1.5 percent Germans and 0.7 percent Swedes
  3. In quarter of a century, five will drop off -Haapsalu, Jõhvi, Võru, Valga, and Kuressaare. This is what Statistical Office says, in its population forecast till 2040 regarding the future of the 14 largest cities of Estonia
  4. (1995). Helicobacter pylori Infection in Estonian Population: Is It a Health Problem? Annals of Medicine: Vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 613-616
  5. Kuressaare's historic name Arensburg (from Middle High German a(a)r: eagle, raptor) renders the Latin denotation arx aquilae for the city's castle.The fortress and the eagle, tetramorph symbol of Saint John the Evangelist, are also depicted on Kuressaare's coat of arms. The town, which grew around the fortress, was simultaneously known as Arensburg and Kuressaarelinn [disputed - discuss.
  6. Saaremaa vald, Kuressaare. 5,984 likes · 390 talking about this · 290 were here. Saaremaa vallavalitsuse ametlik sotsiaalmeedia kanal
  7. Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia Meeting Highlights The only constant in life is change Date with the European Network for Rural Development population, insecurity) and to possible future scenarios (rural areas as colonies, business as usual and vibrant rural future)

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  1. The primary factor in favor of a Kuressaare-Riga connection is that it would connect two population centers, the paper said. The trip would take four hours with a fast boat carrying only passengers and no vehicles
  2. Kuressaare. Location of Kuressaare in the Baltic states. Coordinates: 58°15′N 22°29′E  /  58.250°N 22.483 Population (2018) • Total.
  3. Jewish Population in 1900: 110 (in 1881) Notes: Russian: Аренсбург. On Saaremaa island, 114 miles SW of Tallinn, 107 miles NNW of Rīga. Kuressaare, Estonia: 58°15' N, 22°30' E. MapQuest Google Map JewishGen Resource Map: Nearby Jewish Communities: Dundaga, Latvia 82 km S
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Today the population of Kuressaare is 16,100 and there are about 2,200 houses in Kuressaare out of which 1,550 are detached houses. The area of Kuressaare is 15 sq. km today and 4 sq. km of the territory are covered with parks and woods Број становника: Куресаре (Kuressaare), Естонија (Saare), 2021 Број становника, Куресаре на мапи густине градова и насељеност Population; Tallinn / Capital: Harju: 431,000: Tartu: Tartu: 94,000: Narva: Ida-Virumaa: 67,000: Kohtla-Järve: Ida-Virumaa: 46,000: Pärnu: Pärnumaa: 44,000: Viljandi: Viljandimaa: 20,000: Rakvere: Lääne-Virumaa: 17,000: Sillamäe: Ida-Virumaa: 17,000: Maardu: Harju: 17,000: Kuressaare: Saare: 15,000: Võru: Võrumaa: 15,000: Valga: Valgamaa: 14,000: Haapsalu: Lääne: 12,000: Jõhvi: Ida-Virumaa: 11,000: Paide: Järvamaa: 9,74

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Kuressaare, also known as Arensburg, is a town and a municipality on Saaremaa island in Estonia.It is the capital of Saare County and the westernmost town in Estonia. The population, according to the 2011 census, was 13,166 Yahoo Search Búsqueda en la Web. Yahoo Search. Configuració Tõrva and Kuressaare are separated by a distance of about 203.1 km straight line.. See also the distance and distance between Tõrva and Kuressaare, calculated for a trip (by car ), calculated for a bike ride, on foot or public transport (bus, metro, train, tram).. You also have the travel duration Tõrva for Kuressaare and the fuel costs (petrol or diesel) to cover the distance between. Home Coordinates Estonia Estonia Kuressaare Geographic coordinates. Kuressaare is located at latitude 58.24806 and longitude 22.50389. It is part of Europe and the northern hemisphere Kuressaare Airport is an airport in Estonia. The airport is situated 1.5 nautical miles south southeast of Kuressaare on Saaremaa island. Kuressaare Airport is situated 2½ km south of Kudjape. Photo: WikedKentaur, CC BY-SA 3.0

Distance: 102.4 Km | Height climbed: 128m Click here to see this route on Strava It was really strange being in Kuressaare last night as it is by far the biggest town we've been in since we left Tallinn. This seething metropolis (population 15,000) is a popular holiday destination and the town seemed packed las 8 Kuressaare - The capital of the island of Saaremaa, the only town on the island, and home of the Kuressaare castle. It also has many spas, water parks and one beach. 57.776944444444 26.031111111111 9 Valga - A town on the border with Latvia , where it literally grows into the Latvian town of Valka

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Over last 24 hours 899 COVID-19 virus tests were analysed in Estonia, under 0,6% of them, i.e. 5 tests came back positive. In total, 30,349 coronavirus tests have been performed in Estonia, of which 1,309 (4%) have shown positive results, According to the population register, the highest number of coronavirus cases were found in Saare County (10), Harju County (5) Kuressaare is one of the cities in Estonia.Kuressaare is located on the continent of Europe. Time zone in Kuressaare, Estonia define as UTC+02:00, with daylight saving time UTC+03:00 so at the moment the current time in Kuressaare is 10:49 Standard time takes place after 213 days

The Kalmar Union, KU, Scandinavian Alliance, is a defensive alliance of various sovereign states and their dependencies.. Flag of the Kalmar Union (2013- ). Historically, the Kalmar Union was a hereditary empire of sorts, created in 1431 when Eric VIII of Denmark inherited Denmark and Estonia from his father Eric VII, and Viken, Svealand and Finland from his mother Elizabeth How polluted is the air today? Check out the real-time air pollution map, for more than 100 countries Number of selected cells exceeds the maximum allowed 1,000,000. Contact and information. Information. Latest update. 12/23/2002. Reference time. March 31, 2000. Metadata - information on methodology and quality, incl. concepts and classifications (section 3) and source data and data compilation (section 18) 30001 than doubling the Estonian breeding population of about 200 pairs. The population size of wintering White-tailed Eagles is at least 500 individuals. For more than 30 years, the nestlings of White-tailed Eagles in northern Europe have been banded with coloured leg rings. Estonia joined this ini-tiative in 1984. So it is now possible to learn th

A banner hanging over a road leading into Kuressaare , announcing the 450 year anniversary for the founding of the town. Founded in 1563, the town was originally known as Arensburg, where the burg part refers to the much older castle located here. The name was replaced by Kuressaare, probably meaning Island of the Curonian people, in 1918, after Estonia had declared its independence. Nicklas Pettersson är lektor i statistik vid Handelshögskolan i Örebro, där han också är enhetschef. Han tog sin doktorsgrad vid Stockholms Universitet, oc

The distance between Kuressaare, Estonia and Saint-Denis, Reunion is 9,282 kilometers (5,767 miles With 1.3 million residents and more than 2 million foreign visitors each year, Estonia is one country where annual tourists exceed the local population. However this still leaves plenty of peace and quiet, especially deep in nature. 8. Wife carrying champions. Estonians have a knack for peculiar sports, including wife carrying Destinos keyboard_arrow_rightEstonia keyboard_arrow_rightEstonia keyboard_arrow_rightKuressaare keyboard_arrow_rightEstonia keyboard_arrow_rightEstonia keyboard_arrow. Current local time in Latvia - Ēdoles pagasts, Kuldīgas novads - Šarlotes. Get Šarlotes weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Šarlotes sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, airports in Šarlotes, population in Šarlotes, phone code in Latvia, currency code in Latvia

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Current local time in Latvia - Liepāja, Liepāja - Vec-Liepāja. Get Vec-Liepāja weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Vec-Liepāja sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, airports in Vec-Liepāja, population in Vec-Liepāja, phone code in Latvia, currency code in Latvia

Coworking Office Spaces in Kuressaare, Estonia - Coworker» 11Estonia Political Map, Regions, Geography, and Facts | MapprSaaremaa - WikipediaWikipediaEstonia Maps | Maps of Estonia
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